Wednesday, May 7, 2014

URGENT - home or rescue needed - Charlotte NC - $100 sponsorship money for Smokey a 9 year old chocolate lab that needs quieter home with no young kids

to help SMOKEY please contact:  Stephanie at
Smokey is a 9 year old purebred chocolate lab, crate trained, house trained, hw negative, up to date on vaccines, micro chipped and neutered. He loves to play fetch, take walks and laying around. His family is trying to find a better home for him as the birth of their third child causes smokey a ton of anxiety. Their vet had tried dog Prozac and Xanax, and the owners were not comfortable with the change in personality on those medications. The vet had actually said that if they weren't going to keep him medicated, they should euthanize him because the quality of life was not good in that situation. Once he had been at my house for the last three weeks, he's calmed down considerably and seems to be enjoying himself. I believe his quality of life would be better in a calm home where he will get lots of attention. He cannot go anywhere to be an outside dog.  Unfortunately, he is a humper and I've not been able to stop that, therefore, where is he friendly with other dogs, other dogs may not like it. Please share him so I can find him a home, perhaps a retired person, or a couple with a more relaxed lifestyle. The owners have been trying all the techniques I used at my home, but he's just miserable with them and their kids.