Sunday, May 4, 2014

Elizabethtown NC severely neglected senior yorkie needs rescue now and veterinary funds....

Blind from cataracts, nearly toothless, starved and neglected; Tiny 3.1/2 lb Yorkie, Ginger  was removed from a home that was totally unable and incapable of taking care of her.  This 12 year old blind senior Yorkie has only two nubs for teeth

Poor Ginger existed in a deplorable situation.  The owner being physically unable, to take her outside, rationalized, that “If She Did Not Feed Her Much”, she would require less potty breaks, and nearly starved.  

 After the elderly lady slipping on a puddle of her urine, a family member wanted to euthanize her.  A Shelter Friend wants to help her but, with Choco needing at least another surgery and Mitzi, who passed, and their medical emergencies, we just do not have the funds.  We need your help to save this pitiful little creature.
This little girl may have many more years of life left, and does not deserve to die.
 Please call or Text Silvia at: 910-876-0539, Debbie at: 339-832-0806, or email:      (at

Please send donations on our Website: Home, or by calling the Elizabethtown Vet hospital: 910-862-3000