Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wantagh NY 12 year old Athena needs a home for the remainer of her life mostly blind she still has spunk!

At twelve plus years of age, and mostly blind, Athena is no longer considered to be a "highly adoptable" dog - a fact which her prior owner discovered she attempted to secure a new home for the elderly dog.
Though Athena's former guardian loved her beautiful senior dog, she was no longer able to care for her, and after attempts to find Athena a new home failed, that person reached out to the Hempstead Town Shelter in Wantagh, N.Y., to have the dog put down.
The shelter staff went to retrieve Athena and promised the dog's owner, who is disabled and had fallen ill, that they would try to find a home for Athena before euthanasia was considered.
The shelter posted this statement on Thursday:
We reassured her distraught owner that we would try really, really hard to find someone who would let Athena live out her life in comfort. We are sending this plea with hope that Athena and her owner can rest easy with peace at the end of their lives.
Athena is sweet, but confused, and mostly blind. Athena does have some health issues including 2 mass’s that will be removed pending blood work. But besides that, she is a spunky little lady with a lot left to give.
Athena needs a rescue agency, adopter or hospice provider for the remainder of her life. If you can help, please contact the facility at: 516-785-5220.
Facebook thread for Athena here.