Sunday, March 2, 2014

Senior cat Tigger needs foster or new home owner can no longer care for him.....URGENT situation!!

Here’s a little info about Tigger. I was Tigger's Caretaker for nearly 2 years and I love him dearly. I held him in my arms in 10 degree weather while snow and rain dripped from his face. At the time, I couldn’t take him in and it broke my heart. I can’t let him down now.
Tigger was finally adopted into a great home, but Lucille, his guardian for 5 years is going through hard times and can no longer care for him. At first she hoped he could be fostered while she tried to find a way to take him back. Unfortunately, she’s been unable to find an apartment that will allow pets and has to move in a few weeks. She has to stay in the area near her mother’s doctors, because her mother is 81 and in failing health. She hasn't been feeling well either. Lucille is very distraught over Tigger but doesn't know what to do. He's a big mush and loves people.  OK with some cats, not others.  
I recently renewed his VPI Pet Insurance, so if anyone is willing to care for him, he has medical coverage. I’d also be happy to provide his supplies. Can you please post and cross post his flyer.  Thank you!  
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