Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adopt Rex - adorable 8 year old english bulldog - great with dogs and kids and loves to cuddle!!!!

Rex is the biggest cuddle bug you will ever meet! He clearly was not getting love and snuggles in the shelter, so now all he wants is to be cuddled and scratched. Rex was originally from Miami, FL and somehow ended up at a kill shelter in CT. He was so sick he could barely walk! This strong boy was quite the trooper and is now strong as an ox and his lovely personality is shining bright! Rex’s favorite thing to do is lay with his head in your lap and snooze the afternoon away. He is so unconditionally loving! He is completely fine with other dogs – he doesn’t show aggression or excitement, he mostly just ignores them. He is also fine with cats…he is curious about them and does not mind if they come sniffing around. He loves kids!
Rex is the most zen-like Buddha dog I have ever met. Nothing fazes this dog; you can bathe him, brush him, clean his face wrinkles, wipe his paws, and the only thing he will do is look at you with his big round eyes! Rex’s favorite activity is sleeping! He sleeps almost all day, but gets excited for walks and food. Rex knows he is a cutie and will stare at you with his adorable wrinkly face until you pet him! (he also does this to strangers on the street!)
Rex is a little piggy! He was really skinny and frail when I got him and resisted eating or drinking, but that side of him is long-gone and now all he wants to do is eat! He is curious during walks, and loves to poke his head into stores (sometimes he actually refuses to leave!) His favorite place to be scratched is right above his tail…his legs sometimes give out because he gets so excited.
Overall, he is a GREAT doggie and a real love puddle!
Care of Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue. Located in NYC. $350 adoption fee.