Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wilmington DE - little senior dog pippy needs new home or rescue

My mother and father in law (82 and 88 years old respectively) will both be in long term care very soon.  Father in law is already there.  My mother in law has been ill for several months, and has not been able to care for Pippy very much. She's currently in the Wilmington Hospital, and will be going to the Kutz nursing home when discharged. With her out of the house, my wife drives to their house each day (about 13 miles from our home) to feed and walk Pippy.  

Pippy is an older dog, about 10-11 years old, and we believe he's blind in his right eye.  He's quite small, probably under 10 pounds.  He's very good with people he knows, but is nervous and barks at strangers.  He does warm up to people after a while.  We're hoping someone can care for him in his later years.  He was housebroken, but because of my mother in law's incapacity over the past year, he's been doing his business in the house.  My wife goes over now and when she walks him, he does his business outside, so he hasn't forgotten where he needs to go.  Please let me know if your organization is able to find a home for this little guy.  Please see attached photos.  Sincerely,  Stuart Snyder  email if you can help or adopt or rescue!!!