Friday, January 3, 2014

Owingville KY - THREE senior black labs need homes or rescue now......home foreclosure

Pinky is a large black and white lab mix. He was the largest in his litter. He has white paws and was the only puppy who had pink pads on the bottom of his feet (hence the name Pinky). He also has the most white on his chest. He's sort of a Marmaduke. He wants you to pat him so he rubs his body up against you not realizing how big and strong he is and can almost knock you over. He yearns to chase a ball but isn't the fastest so he runs part of the way then stops and watches the others retrieve it. He is good with people but barks when he is excited to see someone or when he sees someone he doesn't know. He would be good for an adult or older kids but would too easily knock over younger kids or might scare them when he barks. He might be ok with cats.  I don't recall him bothering our cats too much. You'd have to test that one out to be sure though.
Pinky recently turned 9 years old. He probably weighs about 70 pounds.
He looks pretty much the same as the pics below.
The pic at top just him. The other pic is Becca (his sister) on the left,  Buddy (his father) in the middle and Pinky on the right.  Pinky is neutered.

Fred (above)  is a black lab mix with a little white on his chest. He is tall, long and lean though, not stocky like a lab. He has a nice, healthy build. He is very gentle with kids. He will sniff them and may stand near them but does not get in their face or push them with his body. Most often, when we were leaving the dog area, although the other dogs would run off at full speed, Fred would stay back and walk with us, usually right behind me. 
Fred is not a fan of storms. He would be better as an inside dog. Fred would probably get along fine with anybody- adults, kids, other dogs, cats, etc. 
Fred is about 8 years old. He weighs about 65 pounds.  
One pic below is just Fred. The other is Fred on the left, his mother Holly in the middle and his little sister, Ginger on the right.  
Fred has gained some silver/white hair around his mouth since this pic but overall it's pretty accurate.  Fred is neutered.

contact if you can rescue or adopt any of these labs!!