Thursday, January 16, 2014

Owingsville KY 3 senior small dogs need rescue/adoption

Buddy, Curly and Mitzy are in need of rescue.  They are owner give ups, the owner has too many dogs and it's time for her to face the fact that these older dogs deserve to be number one in someone's life.

All need updated shots and Buddy is the only one who is not altered.  All are ok with cats but should not be with children because of their  ages.  Buddy is about 8-9.  Curly is about 13-14 and Mitzy may be 10.  Mitzy needs dental work and I am afraid the others might too.  My vet only charges $90 for a dental....  They are sweet dogs but are right now in a crowded home with many others running around, so I would like to move them asap.  If I can get a rescue commitment I'll bring them here with me, have the remaining vetting done, and send them up north.  They are all small dogs..please, take a look and see if you might have an adopter that is looking for a dog like these. Thank you!   email:

Buddy, Curly and Mitzy are located 50 miles East of Lexington KY ~ 80 miles West of Huntington WV ~ 125 miles South/Southeast of Cincinnati OH