Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wilmington DE - little senior dog pippy needs new home or rescue

My mother and father in law (82 and 88 years old respectively) will both be in long term care very soon.  Father in law is already there.  My mother in law has been ill for several months, and has not been able to care for Pippy very much. She's currently in the Wilmington Hospital, and will be going to the Kutz nursing home when discharged. With her out of the house, my wife drives to their house each day (about 13 miles from our home) to feed and walk Pippy.  

Pippy is an older dog, about 10-11 years old, and we believe he's blind in his right eye.  He's quite small, probably under 10 pounds.  He's very good with people he knows, but is nervous and barks at strangers.  He does warm up to people after a while.  We're hoping someone can care for him in his later years.  He was housebroken, but because of my mother in law's incapacity over the past year, he's been doing his business in the house.  My wife goes over now and when she walks him, he does his business outside, so he hasn't forgotten where he needs to go.  Please let me know if your organization is able to find a home for this little guy.  Please see attached photos.  Sincerely,  Stuart Snyder  email if you can help or adopt or rescue!!!

Elizabethtown nc - lovely 8 year old female labrador likes kids and cats....needs rescue or adoption now.....!

Elizabethtown, NC Lessie is a wonderful older Lab girl who likes kids AND CATS. She is 8 yrs old..She would love to be your new friend and join your family. Please don't leave this nice dog in the shelter. Call Silvia and Debbie now - Silvia is 910-876-0539 and Debbie is 339-832-0806.
Black Labrador Retriever • Senior • Female • Medium
Bladen County Animal Shelter Elizabethtown, NC

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baltimore MD - 17 year old dog dropped off at shelter..........needs home or rescue

Rinaldo is a handsome senior gentleman who was surrendered to the shelter after his family could no longer afford his care.  He is reported to be good with children and other animals, and generally housebroken although he sometimes has a few accidents if he can't get out in time.  He is dog-friendly with both males and females off leash, and was very polite and low-key.  He mostly stayed to himself to walk around the play yard but had a few bursts of energy where he wanted to run and play!  Rinaldo still has lots of pep left in his step and would love a forever home where he can spend the rest of his days in comfort.
Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter  
301 Stockholm Street, Baltimore MD 21230 | (410) 396 4695

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

URGENT NYC - Owner evicted...5 cats abandoned...they need fosters or rescue or homes now - foster monies available

The owner of these five cats was evicted and the cats are now homeless.  They ALL need fosters (paid) or rescue or homes now.
#1  Brian at 631-394-8819    or   #2  Bonita  631-838-6448  these are the contact phone numbers for any of the cats.

Reilly - age 3 - orange and white. Devilish, sweet, independent and loveable. Rescued from streets in Patchogue where he was abandoned as a kitten.

Harry - age 10-11 - black tabby - just wants a warm place to sleep. affectionate and loveable. Rescued with Puss after he was abandoned and left starving.

Puss - age 9-10 - only female - grey and white. Sweet, affectionate, has been Harry's companion for many years. She and Harry were rescued by Pam after owners moved and left them abandoned and starving.

Lovey - age 11 - orange tabby - is LOVEABLE- a MUSH. [attached to Frankie] - rescued from PetCo as a kitten while he was still nursing a bottle.

Frankie [aka] Booba - age 6 - cross between Siamese and DSH - is very attached to Lovey. Sweet cat. Licks your legs when you get out of shower. Cleans other cats. Will let you hold him on his terms. Great buddies with Lovey

Monday, January 20, 2014

Middle aged elegant lemon colored foxhound mix in need! Owingsville KY!!!

Contact is Susan Harris @

This is Annie Montgomery.  This morning she was taken from a local animal shelter and in this picture, she looks bewildered. She is hungry, thin, and dirty.  But her beauty and her grace is evident. She is a foxhound that has not been treated well.  Annie Montgomery is a lemon colored foxhound mix, her coloring is spectacular and her personality even moreso.  Annie was dumped at the shelter when her owner decided she was "too old".  I say crap.  Older elegant ladies like Annie Montgomery have many good years ahead of them and she deserves a great home and to be comfortable.  Her teeth are terrible, and she needs a dental, which I am going to sponsor, so that she will be able to feel better.   Annie Montgomery will be fully vetted soon with nice white teeth.  She is waiting for her family, sorry about the quality of the pictures but it was cold and windy and we wanted to get her out of there....she is a great dog, quiet, gentle, sweet and loving.  I think she might be 6-7 years old...not sure till the vet checks her.

Annie is located 50 miles East of Lexington KY ~ 80 miles West of Huntington WV ~ 125 miles South/Southeast of Cincinnati OH. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

CCAS Blackwood NJ "SASHA" Beautiful Senior white Pittie Girl REALLY IS URGENT!

Contact;  Sherry
Sweet Sasha was brought to us when her owner moved into a place that would not allow pets. The owner was in tears but had no alternative but to trust
us with her baby girl.
Sasha is approx 8-9 yrs old but has a lot of energy.
LOVES PEOPLE!! She is our little wiggle butt and everyone loves our Sasha.
She does not like other dogs jumping in her face and prefers to be snuggled with her humans. Sasha may be OK with a calm, older dog in the home once she settles in. NO cats for this girl.
Her owners said Sasha loves kids!
She has been with us for quite some time and no one chooses our girl to take home. We are very crowded and the long timers are not safe.
She sits in her cage day after day staring outside hoping someone will open that cage door and walk her right out of the shelter and into her new life.
PLEASE SHARE FOR SASHA??? She needs help now.
 Sherry Heiser 
NJ Certified Animal Control Officer
NJ Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator   
Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society
West Deptford, NJ 08093
A 501 (c) 3 non profit charity

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Falmouth, KY Senior dogs in need of homes or rescue!

This big guy was picked up as a stray. He was so matted and filthy when he came in. A volunteer cleaned him up and brushed him and this boy seemed so happy for the attention. They named him Hot Dog and he is very sweet and very big at 70 pounds. He is an older boy at around 8 years old. He has been given a Rabies and DHPP vaccine and frontlined.

Bonnie is an 8 year old walker coonhound. She weighs 43 pounds and came in as a stray. She is so thin and so sad in the shelter. Bonnie gets along with other dogs and is now second on the list to be euthanized if the shelter fills. She deserves to live out the rest of her life happy and healthy. Please help her find her forever home. She has been given a Rabies and DHPP vaccine.

Xena is an 8 year old husky/shepherd mix. She weighs 54 pounds and came in as a stray. She is a great girl that gets along with other dogs. She is now third on the list to be euthanized if the shelter fills. She also has had a Rabies and DHPP vaccine.

These dogs are currently at the Pendleton County Animal Shelter in Falmouth, Ky.
Please contact Tammi at or Lisa at

Owingsville KY 3 senior small dogs need rescue/adoption

Buddy, Curly and Mitzy are in need of rescue.  They are owner give ups, the owner has too many dogs and it's time for her to face the fact that these older dogs deserve to be number one in someone's life.

All need updated shots and Buddy is the only one who is not altered.  All are ok with cats but should not be with children because of their  ages.  Buddy is about 8-9.  Curly is about 13-14 and Mitzy may be 10.  Mitzy needs dental work and I am afraid the others might too.  My vet only charges $90 for a dental....  They are sweet dogs but are right now in a crowded home with many others running around, so I would like to move them asap.  If I can get a rescue commitment I'll bring them here with me, have the remaining vetting done, and send them up north.  They are all small dogs..please, take a look and see if you might have an adopter that is looking for a dog like these. Thank you!   email:

Buddy, Curly and Mitzy are located 50 miles East of Lexington KY ~ 80 miles West of Huntington WV ~ 125 miles South/Southeast of Cincinnati OH

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NY - Daisy a 16 year old yellow labrador retriever needs a new home, owner passed away

last night a beloved PAWS NY client named Charles passed away.
 He leaves behind his best friend Daisy, a 16 year old lab who brought him
 so much joy. Over the last few years, the assistance our volunteers provided
 made it possible for Charles and Daisy to remain together as a family, which
we know meant everything to him.
Sadly, Daisy now needs a new home.  Please help us by sharing Daisy's story.
 If you or anyone you know is interested in fostering or adopting this
sweet girl, contact us at or 212.203.4760. 

NY - two senior cats in need of new home!

My two adult cats Bijoux: age 14, male tabby and Queenie: age 13, female black and white are in need of a new home sadly as my allergies to them have become difficult to manage. this coupled with having to move and an increased need to travel for work - I feel like they deserve a better situation. I know deep down they just want to snuggle into bed and be at my side at every moment and I am unable to give them this simple luxury. They are the sweetest gentlest cats - never aggressive or mean - just sweet and chill and loving. I would love for them to find a home with someone who needs a furry companion in life. I have had them since they were kittens and they have had no significant health problems. Bijoux had to get his teeth cleaned once and that's really the extent of there medical problems. please email for an adoption application.

Atlanta, GA.. Maxie the cat (13 years old) has until Feb 12th or will be taken to shelter :-(

Owner is giving this GORGEOUS 13 year old cat up, reminds me of Boogie who i adopted at age 13 and he lived to be 19.  I wish I had room, he looks like Boogie.  If you can help this cat please contact:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brooklyn NY - Home needed for adorable little Minnie who is 14. her owner passed away

Minnie is a 14 year old, smooth coat terrier, whose owner died. She is very friendly and affectionate. She has had all her shots and is healthy. She has some dental issues, but nothing that needs attention. She is currently in foster and the woman who has her takes her for walks in the morning, when she gets home from work and before bed. She walks up and down 4 flights of stairs. Patricia ( the rescuer) can be contacted at 347-529-8956 or you can e mail

Saturday, January 11, 2014

update cocoa is safe!!!!Rocky Mount, NC- SENIOR choc lab girl COCOA booted to roam outside 24/7 after living inside her entire life

can anyone help her?

Cocoa has always been a house dog, but new carpet was more important, and  now she is outside 24 hours a day for the last 6 months. With cold weather coming, she needs rescue immediately or a new home. Please share this with anyone who might be able to help or possibly want her. Email Connie
Here are some pics (attached).  Cocoa is 10 years old and very active.  She loves attention, chasing a ball, a stick - whatever.  She also loves the water.

Has a tendency to run when anything makes her uncomfortable.  Dislikes storms and sudden, loud noises (car horns, distant gunshots, loud music, etc).

Cocoa has been fending for herself for a while.  Most recently, her owner put up an invisible fence.  I was told the "juice" was turned up to the max.  Cocoa still ran through the fence to attain the freedom to which she has become accustomed.  She runs the neighborhood unattended and has recently become a problem for a few neightbors, as she has stolen their newspapers from their lawns/doorsteps.  She has been spotted at all hours of the day/night roaming her neighborhood.

It is very doubtful that her owner would claim her if she were ever picked up by the city.  One neighbor told me that after a recent rash of newspaper thefts, the City truck was seen in Cocoa's driveway.  I assume a warning was issued.

Cocoa needs help.  She is a wonderful, loving dog who needs what all dogs need:  A loving, caring, involved owner.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Houston, TX area: BONDED Seniors now age 7 . IN KENNEL 7 YRS.! if you would like all of their information

Gwinn and Rowdy are brother and sister, Chow Mixes. They went into a kennel in Oct. 2006 and have never left! They must be adopted together into a home preferably with no other animals. They are very sweet and will be very grateful for any attention. Considering all that they have been through, it will take a little time for everyone to get use to each other. They take treats very gently and are very bonded to each other. Although the kennel staff loves them, they need that "special" person to step up and give them a loving home of their own, that they both deserve! They are both fully vetted.

Their Album:

Hickory NC - Senior Australian Cattle Dog, owner passed family needs to find her a good home

Attached please find a picture of Candy.  She is a spayed, female Australian Cattle Dog who is 10 years old.
Candy recently lost her caretaker (my grandmother) and she is in desperate need of a loving home. We would love to keep her but a few people in the family are very allergic. 

Candy is located in Hickory, NC. We're more than willing to drive her wherever needed; we just want to find a nice home or foster home for her.

CONTACT:    Kelly and email; as the contact info. 

She's up to date with all of her vetting. Candy was a rescue and has only ever lived with our grandmother, so she does not have much experience being around other animals or kids. 
We love the Humane Society, but fear the environment will be overwhelming for Candy because she is very much a house dog.
Candy is loving and loyal and we want so much for her to have a safe, happy home.

Jennifer Wilkie
Classic Canine, LLC
A Senior Dog Rescue
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ft Mill SC-Koby-9-10 yo black lab X chained all of his life needs RESCUE--HW NEG

this sweet boy has been chained outside all of his life. he somehow got loose & a great lady grabbed him & decided not to return him ! he is now UTD on shots, amazingly HW neg, will be neutered wed, he is very quiet & happy in a crate. very sweet boy. these photos aren't very good. he is 58 lbs.we need a foster & a rescue. she can't keep him past next week after he is neutered. so wonderful to see him in out of the cold
contact:  Dorsey Patrick
Jesse's Place rescue


Friday, January 3, 2014

Owingville KY - THREE senior black labs need homes or rescue now......home foreclosure

Pinky is a large black and white lab mix. He was the largest in his litter. He has white paws and was the only puppy who had pink pads on the bottom of his feet (hence the name Pinky). He also has the most white on his chest. He's sort of a Marmaduke. He wants you to pat him so he rubs his body up against you not realizing how big and strong he is and can almost knock you over. He yearns to chase a ball but isn't the fastest so he runs part of the way then stops and watches the others retrieve it. He is good with people but barks when he is excited to see someone or when he sees someone he doesn't know. He would be good for an adult or older kids but would too easily knock over younger kids or might scare them when he barks. He might be ok with cats.  I don't recall him bothering our cats too much. You'd have to test that one out to be sure though.
Pinky recently turned 9 years old. He probably weighs about 70 pounds.
He looks pretty much the same as the pics below.
The pic at top just him. The other pic is Becca (his sister) on the left,  Buddy (his father) in the middle and Pinky on the right.  Pinky is neutered.

Fred (above)  is a black lab mix with a little white on his chest. He is tall, long and lean though, not stocky like a lab. He has a nice, healthy build. He is very gentle with kids. He will sniff them and may stand near them but does not get in their face or push them with his body. Most often, when we were leaving the dog area, although the other dogs would run off at full speed, Fred would stay back and walk with us, usually right behind me. 
Fred is not a fan of storms. He would be better as an inside dog. Fred would probably get along fine with anybody- adults, kids, other dogs, cats, etc. 
Fred is about 8 years old. He weighs about 65 pounds.  
One pic below is just Fred. The other is Fred on the left, his mother Holly in the middle and his little sister, Ginger on the right.  
Fred has gained some silver/white hair around his mouth since this pic but overall it's pretty accurate.  Fred is neutered.

contact if you can rescue or adopt any of these labs!!

Roanoke, NC Two senior black labs dumped by owner.....need rescue now! $185 sponsorship money

Owner turn in - Sawyer black lab neutered fully vetted age 10, friendly good with dogs 65 lbs
Mac, age 12, 85 pounds friendly black lab.  ID #8452 and 8458
contact: nancy seevers at