Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vote for Matt - voting ends Nov. 15th - help my former dog walker/trainer get a grant to open a doggy day care!

Hi friends - Matt Miller was the dog walker and trainer for both my beagle Molly and my current beagle Bodie.
Matt is one of the most caring, and compassionate people I know.  He has moved to San Francisco and
is trying to win a grant to open a full scale doggy cay care.  Voting ends Nov. 15th but he needs a lot more
votes!  You must be on facebook to vote for Matt.  It takes a few seconds to help this great guy who is one
of the best dog people I know!  Thanks in advance and let's help Matt achieve his dream.  We all have
dreams and if we can help someone who really cares about dogs in a big way....karma is a great thing!
thanks - Joan Antelman, Senior Pets NYC and S.O.B./Saving Older Beagles

I've applied for a $250K grant to expand Wet Nose Pet Care into a full service doggy daycare. To be eligible for the grant, I first have to get 250 votes, please vote for me here -

Matt Miller, ABCDT
Owner/Dog Trainer
Wet Nose Pet Care