Friday, November 22, 2013

Pittsburgh PA twoo very senior jack russel terriers need home or rescue now - living outside in cold ages 15 and 14

ann mccandless -
from owner:
As much as it kills to have to find them new homes, I am doing this for their sake. They deserve so much better. They aren't "sick", so putting them down isn't an option. I'm hoping to find someone to help get them through this winter and their “retirement” by taking them in and giving them love, attention, frequent potty breaks and exercise.
I've had them since they were 6-week old pups. They are year apart, born to the same mother. These two have been with me through thick and thin, 6 jobs, 4 moves, two college degrees, and everything else that has been thrown my way since 1998. They are really getting up in years, Jack is 15 1/2 and Jill is 14 1/2 years old, and they have started to have behavioral and physical issues that require a lot of time and attention. As a single lady, I had nothing but time and attention to give to them. However, my life has changed (a new husband, baby, home, etc.) and I no longer have all that time and attention to give them, or at least the extra attention they now need.

please email the contact if you can help.