Sunday, November 24, 2013

NYC - Montie and Marley 8 year old female cats need foster or adopter!!!

Montie, (named after the gorgeous actor Montgomery Clift) is a aprrox 8-years old, female, black short haired cat. She is very loving and affectionate. If you are sitting down anywhere, you can expect her little paw to reach up to pat you, this is her way of asking, "can I please sit on your lap?" (She is so polite and unassuming!) 
She is quite playful. You catch yourself laughing as you find her skittering around the floor, whacking at a straw, or spinning around on a chair chasing her tail. Not to mention the occasional gymnastic feats of jumping several feet into the air vertically when she is playing a game of tag with her sister Marley! Montie is more of a quiet cat, but when she's hungry she lets you know it with her deep mew. Her eyes are always wide open, like she is filled with wonder at the whole world.
Marley, (named after Bob Marley) is a also 8 years old, female, black short haired cat. She is fairly shy and to herself, but when she does come out she is extremely affectionate. The way she cuddles is almost as if she's making up for lost time. You may find her, when she is not curled up next to her sister Montie, to be your sleeping companion. And when cuddling in bed she is very flirtatious, rolling over on her back for a little bit of belly rubs. She is usually quiet but as she sits at the window watching birds you can hear the soft, little clicks emerge from her throat. She is timid and sweet.