Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inman, SC dog needs to be rehomed foster or rescue - 5 year old Molly with addison's disease please read story

I have lost my job my house is being foreclosed and My disabled husband and I are being evicted at the end of the month. We are having to move in with parents and I can only take my two cats. Molly my dog with Addison’s I have to give up. Desperately need to find her a home or foster do not want to take her to a shelter. She is on percorten V and Prednisone. I have enough medicine to last her 9 months. Can you help, I am willing to drive 2 hours if someone wants to meet me half way I know you are in a different state but if you can forward this to any rescues that you know in my area in South Carolina. Molly is 5 yrs old we think she is hound boxer mix she has the under bite a boxer but black and white with fuzzy like fur like a hound. She gets along with cats and dogs. Great with kids and adults. My Senior dog Madi passed away last month from a inoperable liver tumor. Due to the move I need to find her a foster home or home A.S.A.P, I have called all my local shelters and they all told me that if I turn them into them she will be euthanized due to her disease. If you could help in any way i would greatly appreciate it.