Friday, November 15, 2013

14 yr old female Poodle urgently needs rescue, BARCS Baltimore MD

URGENT: Lacy ~ Poodle X
14 yrs old, female, altered
Lacy is a sweet senior lady in need of a second chance.  Sadly, her owners could no longer afford her care and brought Lacy to the shelter.  She comes from a large family, with lots of children, and loves attention.  She is having some skin issues and is very itchy, which may be from fleas, or some kind of allergic reaction - as the owners said it started happening after she was last bathed in a new kind of shampoo.  She may also have the beginnings of cataracts from aging, but appears otherwise healthy.
She is available immediately for rescue or adoption.
Please let us know if you can help Lacy!
Thank you,
Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter  (BARCS)
301 Stockholm Street, Baltimore MD 21230 | (410) 396 4695