Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Minou needs home or rescue by this weekend!!!! owner moving in with family cannot take her she is 15 yrs old

Minou, born July 1, 1998,  is a gorgeous, healthy tabby, who is still a relatively healthy and active (neutered) senior. He is in urgent need of a foster or possibly adopter. He is well behaved and thrives in a warm, affectionate and calm environment. He loves to be petted :)  He would be happy being  the only cat in the house. You may contact Voahirana, at, if you have further questions regarding Minou.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Two dogs waiting seven years for a home.....

For seven years, siblings "Stella," and "Jane," have called a private rescue kennel in North Carolina "home."  Years ago, the dogs were rescued from a high kill "gassing" facility and placed into, they continue to wait for a family to call their own.
The dogs adore people, and each other, but can be picky with other canines that they encounter.
The following has been shared about these deeply bonded, best friends:
Stella is a real heart breaker and has charmed all the volunteers who can be found during breaks snuggling with Stella and her "sister" Jane in their kennel. They like to give "baths" by licking us to death! When she looks at you with those big soulful eyes your heart just melts
Seven years is a terribly long time to be without a real family and those who know these dogs would love nothing more than to see them in a real home for Christmas.
Anyone who can help is asked to email:
More information/questions: or Diane at

Sunday, November 24, 2013

NYC - Montie and Marley 8 year old female cats need foster or adopter!!!

Montie, (named after the gorgeous actor Montgomery Clift) is a aprrox 8-years old, female, black short haired cat. She is very loving and affectionate. If you are sitting down anywhere, you can expect her little paw to reach up to pat you, this is her way of asking, "can I please sit on your lap?" (She is so polite and unassuming!) 
She is quite playful. You catch yourself laughing as you find her skittering around the floor, whacking at a straw, or spinning around on a chair chasing her tail. Not to mention the occasional gymnastic feats of jumping several feet into the air vertically when she is playing a game of tag with her sister Marley! Montie is more of a quiet cat, but when she's hungry she lets you know it with her deep mew. Her eyes are always wide open, like she is filled with wonder at the whole world.
Marley, (named after Bob Marley) is a also 8 years old, female, black short haired cat. She is fairly shy and to herself, but when she does come out she is extremely affectionate. The way she cuddles is almost as if she's making up for lost time. You may find her, when she is not curled up next to her sister Montie, to be your sleeping companion. And when cuddling in bed she is very flirtatious, rolling over on her back for a little bit of belly rubs. She is usually quiet but as she sits at the window watching birds you can hear the soft, little clicks emerge from her throat. She is timid and sweet.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pittsburgh PA twoo very senior jack russel terriers need home or rescue now - living outside in cold ages 15 and 14

ann mccandless -
from owner:
As much as it kills to have to find them new homes, I am doing this for their sake. They deserve so much better. They aren't "sick", so putting them down isn't an option. I'm hoping to find someone to help get them through this winter and their “retirement” by taking them in and giving them love, attention, frequent potty breaks and exercise.
I've had them since they were 6-week old pups. They are year apart, born to the same mother. These two have been with me through thick and thin, 6 jobs, 4 moves, two college degrees, and everything else that has been thrown my way since 1998. They are really getting up in years, Jack is 15 1/2 and Jill is 14 1/2 years old, and they have started to have behavioral and physical issues that require a lot of time and attention. As a single lady, I had nothing but time and attention to give to them. However, my life has changed (a new husband, baby, home, etc.) and I no longer have all that time and attention to give them, or at least the extra attention they now need.

please email the contact if you can help.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Franklin, TN-Mellow Senior Beagle Needs Rescue

NIXON is such a sweet senior Beagle.  He is a mellow, good-natured dog who is ten years old. Nixon enjoys daily outings and is a well-mannered walking companion. He loves to explore and play in the shelter yard. He is a gentle dog who enjoys attention and affection. If you have room in your home and your heart for a wonderful older dog, Nixon could be the one!
Nixon is neutered, heartworm negative, wormed and current on all vaccinations. He will be microchipped after rescue.
Please help get Nixon out of the shelter by crossposting near and far on his behalf and contacting me at of you can save him. PULL FEE PAID!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

UPDATE RESCUED!!! Uniontown PA - Heartbreaking severely abused dog only a year old needs rescue now

KARMA is at the Fayetteville SPCA in Uniontown, PA. she has been badly beaten, all her
ribs have been broken over time. he head is in a permanent tilt due to severe abuse.
She needs a rescue or adopter so she can heal.  She is only a year old and has not
shown any aggression toward other dogs.  She is a lab mix.  Please call 724-438-3121 if
you can help KARMA by rescuing or adopting her.  This dog has been through hell and
back and needs a loving person now.

Friday, November 15, 2013

14 yr old female Poodle urgently needs rescue, BARCS Baltimore MD

URGENT: Lacy ~ Poodle X
14 yrs old, female, altered
Lacy is a sweet senior lady in need of a second chance.  Sadly, her owners could no longer afford her care and brought Lacy to the shelter.  She comes from a large family, with lots of children, and loves attention.  She is having some skin issues and is very itchy, which may be from fleas, or some kind of allergic reaction - as the owners said it started happening after she was last bathed in a new kind of shampoo.  She may also have the beginnings of cataracts from aging, but appears otherwise healthy.
She is available immediately for rescue or adoption.
Please let us know if you can help Lacy!
Thank you,
Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter  (BARCS)
301 Stockholm Street, Baltimore MD 21230 | (410) 396 4695

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Salisbury NC - 10 year old bandit dumped in kill shelter owners moving......

This is Bandit.  He is neutered, house trained, had always been a house dog.  You can look at his face and see how confused he is to find himself in a gassing shelter.  Rowan County, NC  They have some great volunteers there.... is one of them.

#57568 good with cats, dogs, kids, housetrained, likes
car rides, dalmation mix.  704-216-7768 to save him.

UPDATE RESCUED!!! Sparta KY - owners dump a 16 year old female beagle because she is old....

Please contact Laurie at

This sweet, precious old soul was just brought to the Shelter by her Owners. The Owners asked the ACO to euthanize her because she is "just old".
The Shelter Manager stepped in and said "NO"! This girl gets around just fine, fat as a butterball and an absolute sweetheart! Fine with other dogs too!
Please help me save this old girls life! Please help me get her out of there quickly as she is so confused and heartbroken and traumatized!
And may God have mercy on their souls when they (Owners) become old!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inman, SC dog needs to be rehomed foster or rescue - 5 year old Molly with addison's disease please read story

I have lost my job my house is being foreclosed and My disabled husband and I are being evicted at the end of the month. We are having to move in with parents and I can only take my two cats. Molly my dog with Addison’s I have to give up. Desperately need to find her a home or foster do not want to take her to a shelter. She is on percorten V and Prednisone. I have enough medicine to last her 9 months. Can you help, I am willing to drive 2 hours if someone wants to meet me half way I know you are in a different state but if you can forward this to any rescues that you know in my area in South Carolina. Molly is 5 yrs old we think she is hound boxer mix she has the under bite a boxer but black and white with fuzzy like fur like a hound. She gets along with cats and dogs. Great with kids and adults. My Senior dog Madi passed away last month from a inoperable liver tumor. Due to the move I need to find her a foster home or home A.S.A.P, I have called all my local shelters and they all told me that if I turn them into them she will be euthanized due to her disease. If you could help in any way i would greatly appreciate it.

Dallas Ft Worth Texas - 15 year old dog need rscue or home now in DFW area

Dallas Ft Worth, TX - Please LOOK at this Sweet Face! - 15 YR. OLD SWEET GUY! - Needs his Final Forever Home! We will sponsor him! - Hanging mass on his leg!!

CONTACT: Melissa Farago: 214-675-0263,       (at
From: Leanne Hayden
Date: Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 7:13 AM
- SENIOR Retriever mix - LOOK AT THIS 15 YR. OLD SWEET GUY! - Needs his Final Forever Home! - Please Help! - We will sponsor him! - Hanging mass on his leg!!
 This is the saddest thing - look at this sweet face.  Please, can someone offer to take him?  He has someone willing to pay for vet care.  Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Edgewater NJ - Venus a 6 yr old neapolitan mastiff needs new family to love her!

My name is Theresa Matos and I am the Executive Assistant to John Rivera; President of the RMM Group/Cristian Foundation. I am placing this ad because John Rivera is interested in putting his dog up for adoption to a loving family who can appreciate her bold and friendly personality. Her name is Venus and she is 6 years old Neapolitan Mastiff. All of her immunization are current and up-to-date as of August 2013 and she is FIXED! We are taking this unorthodox route because all no-kill shelters are full and due to his fiance pregnancy, she has developed severe allergies that prevents the family from keeping her. Additionally, having a dog her size is not conducive to a newborn's health. Venus is very playful and resides in Edgewater, NJ. She is a dark grey and house trained. She gets along well with other animals and children. There is a small adoption fee associated with adopting Venus. Please email me for details

Prospective parents of Venus are preferrably:

* Live in a home that has space for Venus to play and be free
*Has a steady source of income to support check ups, food, and maintenance

Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Gallatin( TN) area 10 yr old lab mix living outside needs rescue- owners are elderly cannot care for him

CONTACT: Sam Clark  Please share with trusted contacts ONLY
-----Original Message-----
From: Sam Clark <>
Sent: Tue, Nov 12, 2013 12:11 pm
Subject: Gallatin( TN) area 10 yr old lab mix living outside needs rescue- owners are elderly cannot care for -

I can be the contact if anyone can help this boy. I got a request for help from 
a friend of a friend who is the granddaughter of the owners. 

The dog lives outside in a pen. The  granddaughter went by to bring him some 
bedding  and he has a doghouse but her grandparents can't care for the dog due 
to their health and she cannot take the dog. He's not been around other dogs 
that I know of but he's really sweet.  He loves people and to be petted. Not 
been around cats that I know of either.  He has done good around kids and had no 
vetting and I believe not neutered. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Revenna KY 3 senior beagles need rescue now - no time left 30.00 each to rescue!

 30.00 donation to rescue for each senior beagle they are out of time please can someone take even one?
 Estill County Animal Shelter
50 Ginter Road
Ravenna, KY 40472 (606) 723-3587

Mon - Fri 8:15am to 2pm 
Sat - Sun Closed

Union Count NC- beautiful M 10 yo Choc lab needs RESCUE oR HOME

Hi, I’m Chase and I’m 10 years old.  My owners are no longer able to keep me so I need a new home.  I’m a chocolate lab and my owner says I’m a very good dog.  I’m great with kids and other dogs but my owner isn’t sure about cats.  I have no health issues other than needing to be neutered and have all my vaccinations updated (this can be done prior to adoption).  I was an inside dog until 2009 so I was housetrained but I’ve lived outside since then so I may need a refresher course.  Please consider giving me a chance!

Please contact Lisa Jones at 704-770-8570 or with questions or if you are interested.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I NEED A HOME BY NOV 9th or FOSTER HOME!! Hi My name is Max and I am a beagle mix in need of a new home. I am 11 years old and my owners adopted me when I was only 2. Sadly for me and them, they are moving overseas for two years and are not able to take me. So I need a foster home right now because I will have no place to
go at the end of November. I am sweet and good with kids and dogs. I am housetrained and
go out a few times a day due to my age, I need more walks! i AM HOPEFUL that a new family
will come along and foster or adopt me. Please visit to downoad an application. This is a courtesy post and I am not with senior pets nyc. thanks!!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vote for Matt - voting ends Nov. 15th - help my former dog walker/trainer get a grant to open a doggy day care!

Hi friends - Matt Miller was the dog walker and trainer for both my beagle Molly and my current beagle Bodie.
Matt is one of the most caring, and compassionate people I know.  He has moved to San Francisco and
is trying to win a grant to open a full scale doggy cay care.  Voting ends Nov. 15th but he needs a lot more
votes!  You must be on facebook to vote for Matt.  It takes a few seconds to help this great guy who is one
of the best dog people I know!  Thanks in advance and let's help Matt achieve his dream.  We all have
dreams and if we can help someone who really cares about dogs in a big way....karma is a great thing!
thanks - Joan Antelman, Senior Pets NYC and S.O.B./Saving Older Beagles

I've applied for a $250K grant to expand Wet Nose Pet Care into a full service doggy daycare. To be eligible for the grant, I first have to get 250 votes, please vote for me here -

Matt Miller, ABCDT
Owner/Dog Trainer
Wet Nose Pet Care