Friday, October 4, 2013

Southside SPCA Meherrin, VA - Meet Piper - fabulous female senior beagle for adoption!

What has one eye, two tumors, and is a senior?

No, its not a joke... its one of our latest rescues, Piper! When Piper was picked up as a stray by the animal control officer in Nottoway County, he feared the worst. No owner came forward and he knew she was a very unlikely candidate for adoption.  So, he did the only thing he could think to do. He loaded her up in his truck and headed straight to us, knowing we are a sucker for an animal in need. 

All it took was one look and we were hooked. Piper, the one eyed senior Beagle with two tumors, stole our hearts. There was no way we could say no!  She is now safe in our care and enjoying the company of staff, volunteers, other dog friends, regular meals of high quality ingredients (you know Beagle’s love their food!), and of course medical attention.
She will require surgery to remove her lumps, and our hope is that she will be fully recovered and available for adoption in the coming months. It’s never too late for a second chance! 
if you are interested in Piper, please visit our site for adoption information: