Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pulaski TN - abandoned senior orange tabby cat needs rescue now!

A small male yellow cat was left on West Jefferson Street in Pulaski, TN. last week before 6 a.m. to fend for himself. He wandered to my porch, wouldn't eat or drink and only wanted to be petted and loved. Heartbreaking!! He appears to be almost blind. The vet thinks he can see shadows which would explain why he could follow me from one side of the porch to the other. He was malnourished, but very friendly and very sweet. He has checked out to be OK except for the eyes. He appears to be about ten years old and doesn't deserve to be deserted as he was. Maybe he escaped from your house, but I can't imagine him wandering all the way to my home by himself. He didn't come from my neighbors on West Jefferson. We need some kind-hearted soul who will adopt him and take care of his needs for the rest of his sweet life. We have a wonderful volunteer lady who has volunteered to pay to have him seen by a vet to check out his eyes if we can find him a happy home for the rest of his life. Please, please help. Call 931-363-5455 if you will be that extra special Angel who will take care of him. Leave your number on the recording and tell the lady who returns your call that this is the cat that Anne took to the Giles County Animal Hospital and she will get in touch with me or you can e-mail me direct at this e-mail. If you can't help, but you know someone who might, then please forward this information to them. Thank you in advance.
Anne Story
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Giles County Humane Association