Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NYC Homes needed for two older cats Olivia and Unai both age 10.

Olivia and Unai are both mixed breed with short hair. Olivia, female, is black and white and Unai, male, is a tabby. They're both ten and a half years old, they have been spayed/ neutered. They are house cats, they got their basic vaccines and shots as kittens. Furthermore, they recently got their microchip and rabies shot.
They have never had any health issues, they are very healthy cats. Unai (grey tabby) needs to eat wet food only. Olivia can eat a mix of both.
They have very distinct personalities. They have in common that they're immensely loving, gentle and tender. They've never been attacked anybody or have they been catty or aggressive with people.

Olivia(black&white) is a hunter, she's extremely loving and protective. Probably the most loving cat that I've ever come across in my life. She'll hunt anything, from a tiny bug to mice. She's extremely intelligent and fast. As a hunter, she tends to follow you around the house and she'll come to you if you call her name. If you're yearning for an animal to be your companion, she'll be exactly that.

Unai(tabby) is more like a dog in terms of personality. He's quiet, sensitive and friendly,

 overall, pretty laid back. His main worry is when he'll be served the next meal. He's not as athletic as Olivia but is extremely gentle. A gentle soul he is. If you are more the type to enjoy a cat that is more independent albeit loving, Unai's the one for you.

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