Thursday, October 31, 2013

NY - XARA, 11 year old female boxer/ridgeback mix needs a new home!

Meet Xara.  Xara is a 65 pound female boxer/rhodesian ridgeback mix who is looking for a new loving home.  Xara's owner had to move overseas and was unable to take her.  She is good with kids and adults but she never lived with a dog or cat so she would like a home with no other pets where she can be loved and spoiled. She is affectionate and sweet and loves a bone or a treat!  Imagine living your life with one person and now they are just gone!  But she is smiling through this ordeal and she is in a good foster home until her new home comes along.  Xara would love a house and yard and maybe you are the person who can give this to her.  Please email for an adoption application if you are interested in Xara.  All potential adopters are screened and a home visit is required.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nashville Tn area Daisy sweet boxer mix chained whole life needs rescue

This Sweet girl Daisy has been on a chain her entire life. She is at least age 6 and probably older.
You can see she has had a lot of puppies.  She needs rescue now as the owners don't want her
but will put her BACK on a chain if a rescue cannot take her.  Please contact:
She seems to be ok with other dogs.

This poor girl never had a real life, someone needs to step up for her now!

NYC Adopt CODY - sweet 8.5 year old male yellow labrador

Meet Cody.  Cody is an 8.5 year old male yellow labrador retriever (mix) in need of a new loving
home.  His owner is elderly and can no longer take care of him.  CODY is in a great foster home
but is looking for that next wonderful loving permanent home with someone to grow older with!
Maybe that's you?  He is good with dogs and kids.  He is gentle and sweet.  He loves to get petted and wags his tail all the time.  Cody is a catch!  If you would like to adopt this senior labrador, please email for an adoption application. All applicants will be screened and a
home visit is required.

Savannah, GA Donations Needed for BETTY, a 13 year old pitbull abandoned and starved

Meet Betty a 13 year old pit bull abandoned and starved.
Right now, our main focus is to put weight on Betty her.  She is still emaciated and has gained over 5 pounds.  Betty loves being outside and laying in the sun.  It energizes her to where she wants to play a little.  Her Oncologists isn't happy about her laying in the sun since she is a white dog but understands how beneficial it is for her right now.  The sun is probably how she got the cancer in the first place.  We love and adore this incredibly sweet girl and are going to do everything possible to turn her Life around.  She still has a long, long way to go to heal the suffering she has endured over the last year.  One thing is for sure, she will never have to suffer like that again or ever be alone in her struggles to survive.  We will be with her every step of the way and are honored to be by her side.
DONATIONS for BETTY can be sent to:

If you would like to DONATE to BETTY'S Medical Bills, please, click on the link below.

We are a 501c3 and all 
donations are tax deductible.
To read BETTY'S entire story and updates, please visit the site at:

URGENT! BROOKFIELD CT Adorable dog and 4 cats were abandoned in house since summer - rescue needed now!

This dog, VALENTINE, and 4 cats were left ALONE in a cold, abandoned house without electricity since the beginning of the summer. It  is getting to be very cold and even colder inside the house. The grandmother is in a nursing home since one year ago. The grandson goes to the house occasionally to care for them. He does not like animals. There is garbage all over the house. It is a total mess with everything all over the place and cat/dog food and waste.  Another disappointing story of the elderly having NO ONE to count on.
The dog is eating CAT FOOD.

all cats and Valentine are now safe but still need a rescue or homes!!!

VALENTINE is a female beagle/ black lab mix about 5 years young.  She was abused as a puppy. She is a very affectionate loving dog starved for attention.  She gets along well with people and cats and other dogs. She has been fed a cat food diet because she is left in the house not monitored with the cat's food out.  She’s a  little chunky… 
There are 4 cats under age 5.  this is Nick very friendly. neutered 
This is blackie above - , a big friendly male.

This is bambi, sweet friendly female - she is the daughter of blackie.
This is Jonie, female very friendly tabby white and grey.
all cats are fixed and all tested negative for FELV and FIV.
VETTING UPDATE: Oct 29, 2013
Excellent news, all of the cats are FIV and FeLV negative.  Vet said they are in general good health. He treated them for fleas.  One has tapeworm.  The dog was also treated for fleas and she is being given antibiotics for Lyme and anaplasmosis.  Vet stated that she should be fine.  
“It's amazing that all of the animals are Super Sweet with great dispositions considering what they have been through. They are stressed but are relatively calm and are very good with people and were great at the vet too.”
NOW to Find HOMES for 4 Kitties and a Doggie…They Do NOT have to be ADOPTED Together…HOMES for ALL is Our DREAM…

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pulaski TN - abandoned senior orange tabby cat needs rescue now!

A small male yellow cat was left on West Jefferson Street in Pulaski, TN. last week before 6 a.m. to fend for himself. He wandered to my porch, wouldn't eat or drink and only wanted to be petted and loved. Heartbreaking!! He appears to be almost blind. The vet thinks he can see shadows which would explain why he could follow me from one side of the porch to the other. He was malnourished, but very friendly and very sweet. He has checked out to be OK except for the eyes. He appears to be about ten years old and doesn't deserve to be deserted as he was. Maybe he escaped from your house, but I can't imagine him wandering all the way to my home by himself. He didn't come from my neighbors on West Jefferson. We need some kind-hearted soul who will adopt him and take care of his needs for the rest of his sweet life. We have a wonderful volunteer lady who has volunteered to pay to have him seen by a vet to check out his eyes if we can find him a happy home for the rest of his life. Please, please help. Call 931-363-5455 if you will be that extra special Angel who will take care of him. Leave your number on the recording and tell the lady who returns your call that this is the cat that Anne took to the Giles County Animal Hospital and she will get in touch with me or you can e-mail me direct at this e-mail. If you can't help, but you know someone who might, then please forward this information to them. Thank you in advance.
Anne Story
email or 
Giles County Humane Association

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Re: NE VIRGINIA: Bonded Seniors Need Home ASAP URGENT!!!!

Mia and Ralphy are two senior dogs very bonded and in need of a home or a foster home.
the house they lived in was condemned.  Although bonded with each other, they would not
be able to live communally with a group of dogs unless they could be separated from them.
Mary saved them but now they are once more in danger of being put down unless a home or
a foster home can be found.  Sadly their time is up.

If you can help save Mia and Ralphy please contact Mary as soon as possible at

Saturday, October 12, 2013

URGENT HELP adult pitbull alone in empty apartment must leave end of this month- needs home OR rescue now!!!

Cream is a 6.5 year old pitbull.  He is in desperate need of a home or a rescue organization now.
he is alone in an empty apartment and someone is stopping by to leave food and water.
He is good with other dogs.  he is NOT yet fixed.
by end of the month apartment must be vacated.  Basically Cream is alone almost all day and night.
NYC location - he needs out now - if you can adopt OR rescue....please contact or
contact his advocate Steve at

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY> potential adopters will be screened.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

St. Clairsville, OH Mr Bojangles senior lab needs rescue or home now! shelter full

Belmont County Animal Shelter
45244 National Road West
St. Clairsville, OH 43950
Phone: 740-695-4708
My name is Mr. Bojangles. I am a senior Lab mix. When I got to the shelter, much of my hair was missing and my skin was in really bad shape, but I am now being taken care of. I am a lovely old man who shouldn't have to spend the final chapters of my life at a shelter where no one loves me. Seniors are so wonderful and that includes me! Come see me at the shelter or contact them about me.

Labrador Retriever • Senior • Male • Large

Monday and Wednesday - Noon - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - Noon - 3:00 p.m.

Happy, a 13 year old papillon needs a new home NYC

HAPPY is an adorable 13 year old female Papillon weighing around 10-12 lbs.
she is great with kids, adults and dogs. cats are unknown.  Happy has been in one family since
she was a puppy.  She needs a new home where someone can spoil her!  She is spayed and
up to date on shots.  If you are interested in adopting HAPPY please email for an adoption application to

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NYC Homes needed for two older cats Olivia and Unai both age 10.

Olivia and Unai are both mixed breed with short hair. Olivia, female, is black and white and Unai, male, is a tabby. They're both ten and a half years old, they have been spayed/ neutered. They are house cats, they got their basic vaccines and shots as kittens. Furthermore, they recently got their microchip and rabies shot.
They have never had any health issues, they are very healthy cats. Unai (grey tabby) needs to eat wet food only. Olivia can eat a mix of both.
They have very distinct personalities. They have in common that they're immensely loving, gentle and tender. They've never been attacked anybody or have they been catty or aggressive with people.

Olivia(black&white) is a hunter, she's extremely loving and protective. Probably the most loving cat that I've ever come across in my life. She'll hunt anything, from a tiny bug to mice. She's extremely intelligent and fast. As a hunter, she tends to follow you around the house and she'll come to you if you call her name. If you're yearning for an animal to be your companion, she'll be exactly that.

Unai(tabby) is more like a dog in terms of personality. He's quiet, sensitive and friendly,

 overall, pretty laid back. His main worry is when he'll be served the next meal. He's not as athletic as Olivia but is extremely gentle. A gentle soul he is. If you are more the type to enjoy a cat that is more independent albeit loving, Unai's the one for you.

contact me via email:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Senior cat alert - 11 year old female, owner moving overseas needs rescue or home by end of OCTOBER

 She is 11 years old but looks very young. She's very easy going and loves people, but cannot live with other cats.
email the owner:
She weighs 11 lbs, her vetting is up to date and she is fixed. 

Her personality is really cute, she can be independent and low maintenance but she also loves human attention. She sits right next to me on the couch and then sleeps with me at night, she is a really cute little companion for someone who would like that. She can be spunky at times. She does not get along with other pets so I think best to not put her in a home with other pets unless they were kitten/puppies maybe then she'd get used to them/bond. She is located in NYC, Chelsea.  Moving out of country.

adopter preferred but will consider foster home.
email owner or

Dallas/Ft Worth Humane Society - MEET__MISSY, F, Beagle,

D:A20636713 BP-2 White  Seeing Missy here is heartbreaking. She is a very sweet girl who has waited years now for a home of her own. Missy is a sweet and loving 9 year old who came  in with the many other Denton County dogs. She has spent a long, long time waiting for her family and has been through a lot, so she would be forever grateful for the family who will make her a real companion. Please come meet her! ALL CONTACT  & background INFO BELOW >>>CALL 817-332-4768 x107 to ask questions about her. Note that you can also email Kim at HSNT about Missy. Email:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Southside SPCA Meherrin, VA - Meet Piper - fabulous female senior beagle for adoption!

What has one eye, two tumors, and is a senior?

No, its not a joke... its one of our latest rescues, Piper! When Piper was picked up as a stray by the animal control officer in Nottoway County, he feared the worst. No owner came forward and he knew she was a very unlikely candidate for adoption.  So, he did the only thing he could think to do. He loaded her up in his truck and headed straight to us, knowing we are a sucker for an animal in need. 

All it took was one look and we were hooked. Piper, the one eyed senior Beagle with two tumors, stole our hearts. There was no way we could say no!  She is now safe in our care and enjoying the company of staff, volunteers, other dog friends, regular meals of high quality ingredients (you know Beagle’s love their food!), and of course medical attention.
She will require surgery to remove her lumps, and our hope is that she will be fully recovered and available for adoption in the coming months. It’s never too late for a second chance! 
if you are interested in Piper, please visit our site for adoption information:

Long Island, SENIOR GIRL Abandoned after Trying to Have Her Euthanized at VET!!!

Long Island, NY
Transport Available to APPROVED HOME!
Oct 3, 2013
Another SENIOR Abandoned and OUT of TIME!!!!!!!! Maxi is a Female…Vet Refused to Kill b/c she is so healthy!!!
Someone had offered but JUST backed out and now we are back to start...and out of time!
GREAT, HEALTHY and Friendly Dog....Just living her life…too “old” to take her on their move???????????????
Ashley O'Neill is the contact....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Somerset Ky owner passed away West Highland Terrier and Scottish Terrier need rescue or home!!!

I need to find a loving home for these 2 seniors
Lila is the west highland (white ) 13 years all vetted   30 lbs
Misty is the scottish Terrier ( black ) 10 years old        25 lbs
owner passed away 
contact: ellie Grant at:

UPDATE _ RESCUED!! Lancaster, SC - Precious dumped in shelter 12 year old female beagle very scared

AVAILABLE NOW - OWNER SURRENDER RUN 1 INSIDE - Precious - Female Beagle around 12 years old. *Owner is in a nursing home leaving Precious all by herself in the ...shelter. She has been a loved pet her entire life and now is so frightened. ADOPTION: All animals at this shelter go through a holding period and are evaluated before being considered available for adoption. Once available animal control tries to place animals with a suitable adopter. The adopter is responsible for having the animal sterilized and provide proof to animal control. RESCUES: Rescues are welcome at Lancaster County Animal Control and will be assisted as much as possible. This is a small shelter with limited staff and are unable to transport, hold animals for long periods, or have them vetted. If your organization is interested in an animal, send your 501 paperwork along with persons allowed to pull and contact information Adoption/Rescue Fees:* $25/per animal $25 Mom and unweaned puppies/kittens $25 Litter of 2 puppies/kittens $50 Litter of 3-5 puppies/kittens $75 Litter of 6+ puppies/kittens *Fee includes: Dogs: 5-way vaccine, de-wormer and heart worm testing (over 6 months) Cats: Fel-O-Guard 4 way vaccine, de-wormer and FIV/FeLV testing. Phone: (803) 286-8103 Fax: (803) 286-7907 Official Website: www.lancastercountysc.netSee 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Rescues can email
Boi is 9+ years old and is closing in on a month's stay at the Athens County Dog Shelter. He needs a soft bed for his old bones! Boi is a friendly dog. The sweet, trusting look in his old, dear eyes tugs at the heart strings. He likes people and other dogs.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

$200 sponsorship! San Antonio, senior lab girl needs rescue now!!! sponsorship monies available!

$200 sponsorship money!
Granny A269529
Female black and white Labrador retriever blend
The shelter thinks I am 8 years old.
I am available for foster, rescue or adoption
To adopt call 201 267-6666 or email
To foster me call 201-207-6669 or email
If you are a rescue group call  210 207 8173 or email