Monday, September 16, 2013

Senior Bonded cats Durham, North Caolina need home or rescue!

Dale and Dusty are bonded senior cats.  They are both so sweet! It was actually a little hard to get pictures because they both kept head butting and trying to get pets! :-) They’ve both just come to us, so we don’t have a medical exam or anything for them at this point. Here is the information the owner who surrendered gave us:

Dale (orange tabby and white) is thirteen years old. Dusty (lilac point) is ten. The owner has had both since they were kittens and these two have lived together since Dale was three and Dusty was a baby. They have been surrendered because the husband was diagnosed with Leukemia and has developed an allergy. Both cats are neutered and front declawed.
We really appreciate you working to find a foster home in your group for these two sweethearts!
Stephanie L. Kirby
Volunteer Coordinator        ::             Animal Protection Society of Durham      ::             @The Durham County Animal Shelter
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