Friday, September 6, 2013

Charlotte, NC, little senior dachund "texas" needs new home or rescue now

Dorsey Patrick 704-534-6000 Texas needs your help. He was adopted into a wonderful one-person home a number of years ago, and given the best of care and a wonderful life. Now he has Cushings Disease (, and is definitely a crotchety senior. His Mom married several years ago and has a baby now. Texas did not do well with the new developments at their apartment, so I have cared for Texas for a number of months until the family was able to find and buy a house, where we hoped Texas would do better. This has not proven to be the case. Texas is a wonderful boy, but he has most of the symptoms of Cushings, including problems controlling his bodily functions and extreme appetite. He can't tolerate a screaming baby either, as is true with most dachshunds. I am not able to keep Texas on a forever basis because I am a renter, and the floors here are not conclusive to a dog who is part of the time incontinent, so my housing situation is at risk. Both I and Texas' owners are not wanting to see euthanasia as the solution for Texas. He is an affectionate boy who still enjoys life and has a great will to live, already surviving an attack by dogs and several serious illnesses. We hope there might be someone out there with a heart for senior special needs dogs. Texas' owner is willing to proving cost of medicines and vet care for Texas if there is someone who can help him. Please contact me if you can help in any way, and forward to dachshund and senior dog lovers you know. Texas lives in Charlotte, NC (All attached pics are taken within the last 4-5 months) We thank you! Catherine (704)900-7850