Monday, September 16, 2013

Adopt Queenie, gorgeous DOODLE in Lancaster, PA


Available Females - Queenie #3

This gal has come SO far which goes to show what a little effort and love will do. Now, Queenie still needs work to learn about play, but she is absolutely delightful to watch as she feels her way with other dogs. This former breeder queen likely spent most of her reproductive years with little in the way of… well, being a dog! She has quickly become a staff favorite as she plays with her buddy, Ollie. She is typical Doodle, loving wet weather and romping, somehow with all four paws off the ground. For a Doodle, her coat is easy to care for and does not mat like some Doodles. Not a lot of shedding, either!
When Queenie first arrived, she was a little too into herself, meaning, she didn't pay attention to our staff and just kind of did her own thing. That's what she was accustomed to: She had been tied outside for the majority of the day with no one to play with but herself. However, it's exciting to see Queenie now as our "kitchen dog," which means she gets to live in the DVGRR kitchen area where not only does the staff do a lot of their work but there is always FOOD in the kitchen! 

Since she's lived in this coveted spot, her character has flourished, and our staff adores her even more than before. She gets excited to see us first thing in the morning and waits patiently while we make peanut butter biscuit snacks until we allow her to lick the spoon. Mostly, you can hear our staff laughing at what we describe as her "spider monkey" fits when she gets totally excited, running around with her front paws flailing about. It is certainly a joyous site to see!

She has also become one of our volunteer favorites to walk around our property. With the aid of a harness, Queenie has become a great companion for walks. Even when she sees other dogs now, she stays by our side and ignores them (unless they instigate her first!). Queenie was a real challenge in the obedience skills department. It was as if that part of her brain was missing!  It took some time and due diligence by our staff and volunteers, but Queenie can now sit on command which is a huge step for her, and we are all so very proud!

Won't you consider adopting this wonderful Doodle? (She's also available for our 
Seniors 4 Seniors program.)

Age:8 y/o
General Activity Level:Medium
Major personality traits:Active but needs time to warm up to people.
Interaction with dogs:Careful match with tolerant males
Interaction with cats:Not tested.
Child requirementsAll children must be at least age 10 or older.
Fence requirements:Physical fence
Leash manners:Okay with a harness
Degree of training needed:Above average training for obedience.
Adoption fee:$350