Monday, September 30, 2013

Two older beagle need rescue now ages 6 and 10

Elizabethtown NC
        URGENT 2 Elderly Beagles
These 2 sweet old men were found wondering together.  No-one has claimed these 2 charmers. 
Hank and Frank, Buddies  both sweet and friendly need a rescue 

Call Silvia 910-876-0539 Debbie 339-832-0806 or

Thursday, September 26, 2013

MURFREESBORO TN-senior dogs need rescue now!!


 - ID#A136289I am a spayed female, black Labrador Retriever mix.

The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old.
This DOG - ID#A136329I am a neutered male, black and white Labrador Retriever mix.

The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old.
SUSAN - ID#A136320My name is SUSAN.

I am a female, tricolor and brown Beagle.

The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old.

POLLY - ID#A136317My name is POLLY.

I am a female, tricolor and brown Beagle.

The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old.

For more information about call:
Rutherford County Pet Adoption & Welfare Services at (615) 898-7740
Ask for information by  animal ID number 

Montgomery county MARYLAND tyson and zoe two great seniors need rescue or home

Good Afternoon ALL!

Attached below is a video of TYSON + ZOE, THE SWEETEST SENIOR COUPLE here @ MCHS….They are looking for their 2nd chance….Folks they have been together for 13yrs….Pls. take a min.out to enjoy this sweet, wonderful couple.
Blk/Wht  Lab/Pit (looks Pointerish)  Neut M, 13yrs young  64lbs
Blk/Tan  Beagle/Shep  Spay’d F, 15yrs. young  61lbs.

ATLANTA, GA---$300 sponsorship Maiti, senior dog, needs rescue ASAP!

This dog is sponsored, and deserves a loving home for the balance of his life.
PLEASE do whatever you can to helprescueadoptfostersponsortransport or just CROSS-POST!  
Each small action has the potential to produce a miracle.


Maiti A458411


We witnessed this girl being thrown from a car at the top of the hill to our parking lot. She's very sweet and likes to sleep a lot. She's been someone's pet at some time. She is fat and other than age-related health problems she is ok. She does have arthritis and is on pain management for that. She needs a rescue to help her. She has been vaccinated and is heartworm negative. She weighs around 50 lbs, but is a little chunky.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

East Valley ID donations needed for emaciated dog just rescued

Ernest is a 6 year old staffie/Doberman mix. He was found wandering the streets
In search of food and shelter. He is in bad shape with skin issues and emaciated. He is shy but very gentle. He has not seen one happy day in his life.
                                 If you would like to donate to Ernest's care please contact the rescue:
                             select donate button or go to paypal and
                                     email address to donate is

without experiencing the love of a caring touch and warm bed.

He has won the hearts of the East Valley volunteers and (the START team) & we don't want to let him down.  He is leaving the shelter but we need donations for his medical care.  

 He is in bad shape. He is shy but gentle. he has not seen one happy day in his ilfe.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

nashville NC Macy 8 year old female lab URGENT!

Macey - CRITICAL!Available for Adoption

Dog:  Labrador Retriever


  • Age: Adult
  • Sex:Female (Sterilized)
  • Weight:50 pounds
  • Size:Large
  • Color:Yellow


Macey – CRITICAL! 
Available NOW! 
Lab mix?, female, 8 years old, ~ 50 pounds and 22 inches to the shoulder. Spayed! 
* NCAF Photographer Report 9/19: Macey was surrendered today with her sibling, Luke. Not sure if they are biological siblings; however, they are a bonded pair. They were turned in due to them not staying in the pen/yard. Macey was very calm and just loved to be near anyone who would give her some loving. She knows "sit" and gave kisses when asked. She didn't mind the cats and dogs in the shelter. 
► NOTES: Owner Surrender

Nash County Animal Control ShelterVIEW ALL ANIMALS AT THIS LOCATION

  • 921 North 1st Street
  • Nashville, NC 27856

  • Phone: 252-459-9855

Gwinnett Co GA URGENT Senior yellow lab girl needing rescue -

Thank you for helping spread the word- I really appreciate any connections you can help me make.
her name is Abby she is 11 years old, not spayed but up to date on shots and recently vetted, groomed etc.  Yellow Lab- some arthritis but other wise healthy- a bit overweight!  I can be the contact person- Cindy Ciaccio  404-414-2718 or email me at  Thank you again. Let me know if you need any further info

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Goldsboro, NC Poochie a female service dog surendered by owner age 8 bulldog mix needs rescue or home now

if you can rescue or adopt poochie please contact one of the people below.

Please Contact 
Sandy Davis 
Rescue Coordinator 
Wayne County Animal Services 
1600 Clingman St. 
Goldsboro, NC 27534 
919-731-1439 ext. 5144 / 919-988- 5842 Cell


Vicki L. Falconer 
Animal Control Director
1600 Clingman St.
Goldsboro, NC 
(919) 731-1677
(919) 731-1381 Fax

Friday, September 20, 2013

Voorhees Nj Bear needs a home dumped by owners who came give him a teddy bear

They came to the shelter to bring him his teddy that he has had since he was a puppy, so he wouldn't be lonely in a shelter, where he has every chance of being euthanized due to lack of space. BEAR is 6-7 years old and scared but warming up to staff and allowing handling. He also perked up around the other dog when dog tested. Please share him. How sad that he lived all of his life with these heartless people. He only has us now, and his teddy. 
Bear is now at Animal Orphanage in Voorhees NJ
The phone number there is 856-627-9111

Independence MO Two bonded dog, one mostly blind need rescue or home!

contact is glenda
 Team, can you all help us find a great home for this senior duo? In addition to the 45+ cats we took from a hoarding situation in Oak Grove, these two loves were also on the property. Jonesy, the one on the right, is mostly blind and he relies on his partner Salty. We've medically treated both of them (Salty's hair is getting so much better). Any ideas on how we can help ensure that these two senior buddies get the most out of what's left of their golden years? We'll help with future medical care if someone would be willing to open their heart and home to them. Thanks!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Redding, CT Puccini - Spring Spaniel senior dog needs home!

NAME IS  Puccini
10 yr. old Springer Spaniel
Up to date on all shots.  Have all vet records.
He is very energetic and playful. 
Would do well in a home with kids.
Contact Debbie at 203-994-4947

update - adopted! Blackwood, NJ: URGENT! SENIOR MIN PIN NEEDS OUT


This tiny little boy was found wandering the streets and brought to us.
Friendly and loves going for walks outside.
He is confused why he is in a shelter but is happy once outside his crate. No age listed but looks to be older and only weighs about 10 lbs. Not neutered.
His hold will be up in a few days so woud like to have rescue in place asap.
Sherry Heiser 
NJ Certified Animal Control Officer
NJ Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator   
Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society
West Deptford, NJ 08093
A 501 (c) 3 non profit charity

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

update - adopted!!!Oyset Bay Long Island Two Senior Cats need home or rescue owner in nursing home

OYSTER BAY, LONG ISLAND ***No WHERE to GO Since Losing Their Dad***
Loving Guardian of 2 Senior Kitties NOW in NURSING HOME!!! Praying to find HOMES for his beloved CatsPlease asap, if you can help!
if anyone is interested in adopting or fostering or needs additional information, please call Margie 386-462-9592 or email her at:

Blackwood Nj Sweet Senior dog needs out space. age 10 looks like lab/hound

This sweet senior was found walking the streets in Camden City. We are packed so she will not last past her 7 day hold. Can someone please save her?
We have no space.She is quiet and calm and just enjoys relaxing. 10 YEARS OLD!!
Thanks for sharing for her!
 Sherry Heiser 
NJ Certified Animal Control Officer
NJ Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator   
Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society
West Deptford, NJ 08093
A 501 (c) 3 non profit charity

Blackwood NJ URGENT 13 year old dog came in as stray hold time up

Came in as a stray and his hold time is up! Needs a rescue quickly because we are packed and he doesn't stand a chance!
He is a quiet and relaxed boy and did well when meeting calmer dogs he was introduced to. 13 years old! Very hndsome and enjoys being with you and gog for walks. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU CAN'T help HIM YOURSELF??
 Sherry Heiser 
NJ Certified Animal Control Officer
NJ Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator   
Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society
West Deptford, NJ 08093
A 501 (c) 3 non profit charity

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Virginia Beach, VA Senior australian shepherd NICKY needs home/rescue owner died.

I love Nicky dearly ,but I have a condo with 4 flights of stairs and Nicky
would not be able to handle them on a daily basis. I would hate for her not
to be able to sleep upstairs with me.And she would not deal well with that
either. She's a people dog and wants to be where you are.

She just had a vets visit last Friday. All her shots are up to date and she
had her nails trimmed. She get heartworm and flea/tick meds monthly. I'm
confident she is a short-haired Australian Shepherd. I've attached a
picture I found and it looks like a young skinny Nicky.

She spends a lot of time sleeping. She's very arthritic and I suspect her
legs were somehow abused. The vet suggested a harness for her because here
again, she was abused. A collar evidently puts stress on her trachea. I
also suspect she spent a lot of time outdoors. She would go outside, curl
up and would still be out there if Dad did not bring here in!

She is deaf, but will respond to sharp claps.She barks to go out, come in,
and for attention. She has not had any accidents in the house since she 1st
adopted Dad.

She had 1 brown and 1 white eye. The brown eye had to be removed this last
spring. An eye specialist worked with for several weeks to try and get the
eye pressure down, but noting was working and Nicky was obviously in pain,
so we had the brown eye removed.
Please don't hesitate to ask anything. I will answer as best I can.
Nicky is right by the desk now and also sends hers thanks.
contact jill at
757-619-9289 cell

Monday, September 16, 2013

Adopt Queenie, gorgeous DOODLE in Lancaster, PA


Available Females - Queenie #3

This gal has come SO far which goes to show what a little effort and love will do. Now, Queenie still needs work to learn about play, but she is absolutely delightful to watch as she feels her way with other dogs. This former breeder queen likely spent most of her reproductive years with little in the way of… well, being a dog! She has quickly become a staff favorite as she plays with her buddy, Ollie. She is typical Doodle, loving wet weather and romping, somehow with all four paws off the ground. For a Doodle, her coat is easy to care for and does not mat like some Doodles. Not a lot of shedding, either!
When Queenie first arrived, she was a little too into herself, meaning, she didn't pay attention to our staff and just kind of did her own thing. That's what she was accustomed to: She had been tied outside for the majority of the day with no one to play with but herself. However, it's exciting to see Queenie now as our "kitchen dog," which means she gets to live in the DVGRR kitchen area where not only does the staff do a lot of their work but there is always FOOD in the kitchen! 

Since she's lived in this coveted spot, her character has flourished, and our staff adores her even more than before. She gets excited to see us first thing in the morning and waits patiently while we make peanut butter biscuit snacks until we allow her to lick the spoon. Mostly, you can hear our staff laughing at what we describe as her "spider monkey" fits when she gets totally excited, running around with her front paws flailing about. It is certainly a joyous site to see!

She has also become one of our volunteer favorites to walk around our property. With the aid of a harness, Queenie has become a great companion for walks. Even when she sees other dogs now, she stays by our side and ignores them (unless they instigate her first!). Queenie was a real challenge in the obedience skills department. It was as if that part of her brain was missing!  It took some time and due diligence by our staff and volunteers, but Queenie can now sit on command which is a huge step for her, and we are all so very proud!

Won't you consider adopting this wonderful Doodle? (She's also available for our 
Seniors 4 Seniors program.)

Age:8 y/o
General Activity Level:Medium
Major personality traits:Active but needs time to warm up to people.
Interaction with dogs:Careful match with tolerant males
Interaction with cats:Not tested.
Child requirementsAll children must be at least age 10 or older.
Fence requirements:Physical fence
Leash manners:Okay with a harness
Degree of training needed:Above average training for obedience.
Adoption fee:$350

Senior Bonded cats Durham, North Caolina need home or rescue!

Dale and Dusty are bonded senior cats.  They are both so sweet! It was actually a little hard to get pictures because they both kept head butting and trying to get pets! :-) They’ve both just come to us, so we don’t have a medical exam or anything for them at this point. Here is the information the owner who surrendered gave us:

Dale (orange tabby and white) is thirteen years old. Dusty (lilac point) is ten. The owner has had both since they were kittens and these two have lived together since Dale was three and Dusty was a baby. They have been surrendered because the husband was diagnosed with Leukemia and has developed an allergy. Both cats are neutered and front declawed.
We really appreciate you working to find a foster home in your group for these two sweethearts!
Stephanie L. Kirby
Volunteer Coordinator        ::             Animal Protection Society of Durham      ::             @The Durham County Animal Shelter
(919) 560-0640 x.221             ::          

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall 2013 (Volume 8: Issue 3)

In This Issue:
Cover Pets: Joanie & Piper, Oscar & Felix
Success Story: Winston, Senior Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Introducing Dogs: The 5 Pillars of Dog-on-Dog Greetings
Senior Dogs and Cats for Adoption
Adopting Pairs: How to Have an Instant Pet Family
Featured Bonded Dogs: Mr. Jingles & Sugar Baby
Featured Bonded Cats: Bonnie & Clyde
Go Fetch! By Bodie

View newsletter (PDF)...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lancaster, SC Two Senior Labs need rescue now!!!!

These two seniors are in a lancaster sc shelter....please help them get out!!! Run # 7 - Fudge - Male Choc Lab - SENIOR ALERT - ID # A20945671 Senior lab in Lancaster SC... Run # 10 - BooDro - Male Black Lab - SENIOR ALERT - ID # A20945764 contact

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NYC - Two senior yellow labs need home or rescue!!! very sweet dogs

Meet Tiger. His sister is Sandy. We are trying to help their mom help them. Their mom has lost their home and they have nowhere to go. She is trying desperately to keep from bringing them to the shelter. She has had them since they were puppies. They are 9 1/2 years old. They are a brother and sister from the same litter. She would like to keep them together, but will separate them if it means they get a new home. PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM!! They are playful, and love kids and all people, and I imagine other dogs. They haven't been around cats, but I'm sure they could learn to be. They would make wonderful family members! contact: If you are interested in adopting or fostering these two labs!

Pittsburgh PA 13 year old jack russell terrier SNIFFY needs new home

Sniffy is a 13 year old female JRT who needs a new home. Her owner had her from a puppy, but is giving her up because Sniffy "bit" her daughter when Sniffy got jealous of their new, younger dog. Sniffy has to go to someone with no kids, cats or other dogs, and knowledge of the breed would be best for Sniffy. She’s 13 and deserves to spend her final years in a home, not in a shelter where she will be put down. Sniffy doesn’t have much time before the owner’s brother-in-law takes her to a shelter. She comes when she is called or when you snap, clap or whistle. She doesn't steal food from the table, but the floor is fair game. She barks at the door when she needs to go out, she barks to come back in. Still a bit wild, funny and very smart. She will fetch tennis balls. She will not chew or destroy home items or shoes. She knows which are hers. if you can adopt sniffy into a no pet adults only household please email

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Waxahatchie, TX - Tina senior dog left outside needs home or rescue sweet dog

Stacey email: This is going to be a hard one... I need as much help as possible with this sweetie. This is my neighbors dog, Tina. She use to come over all the time and would just lay In the carport with my dogs. Her new husband would not allow her to bring the dogs inside like they are accustom. So Tina would come over and hang out at my house when she wanted. I fell in love with her. My neighbors are splitting up and Tina has no where to go. She's ten years old and is very good with cats. She hasn't been around other dogs much and is a little grumpy toward them but with some work she might do fine. She is up to date on shots and spayed. She needs a place to live out her years in comfort. She is house trained and super sweet. A little shy at first but very sweet. Please help me find a place for sweet Tina before its too late! She is now located in waxahatchie tx but transport can be arranged. Please email me at if you can help me place her. Thank you so much. Stacey

Charlotte, NC, little senior dachund "texas" needs new home or rescue now

Dorsey Patrick 704-534-6000 Texas needs your help. He was adopted into a wonderful one-person home a number of years ago, and given the best of care and a wonderful life. Now he has Cushings Disease (, and is definitely a crotchety senior. His Mom married several years ago and has a baby now. Texas did not do well with the new developments at their apartment, so I have cared for Texas for a number of months until the family was able to find and buy a house, where we hoped Texas would do better. This has not proven to be the case. Texas is a wonderful boy, but he has most of the symptoms of Cushings, including problems controlling his bodily functions and extreme appetite. He can't tolerate a screaming baby either, as is true with most dachshunds. I am not able to keep Texas on a forever basis because I am a renter, and the floors here are not conclusive to a dog who is part of the time incontinent, so my housing situation is at risk. Both I and Texas' owners are not wanting to see euthanasia as the solution for Texas. He is an affectionate boy who still enjoys life and has a great will to live, already surviving an attack by dogs and several serious illnesses. We hope there might be someone out there with a heart for senior special needs dogs. Texas' owner is willing to proving cost of medicines and vet care for Texas if there is someone who can help him. Please contact me if you can help in any way, and forward to dachshund and senior dog lovers you know. Texas lives in Charlotte, NC (All attached pics are taken within the last 4-5 months) We thank you! Catherine (704)900-7850