Friday, August 2, 2013

Youngstown, OH - Two 10 Year Old BONDED Seniors Dumped at kill shelter

10 years! For 10 years, Sazzue and Shadow had a home and family. Then, "poof." Owners drive them in, both smashed in a crate on the bed of a truck. Terrified? You bettcha! "Sorry we're having marital problems." I am truly sorry to hear that, but do you know the chances for these 10-year-old dogs at a full pound? Ahhh, of course, they didn't bat an eye, yet myself and others have to scramble and cry over these senior sweethearts who are innocent and may have no future. These two love each other and are trapped at the Mahoning County Dog Pound in Youngstown Ohio. Please a miracle has to happen. Share these two loving and precious dogs. Call the pound if you can take them or rescue them. Mahoning County Dog Pound & Adoption Center 589 Industrial Road Youngstown, OH 44509 330-740-2205, x1