Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teaneck NJ Chloe - 14 year old cat needs rescue or home or foster now - less than two weeks to place her

Chloe is 14 years old and has such a warm, lovely, and still playful personality! She just wants to be loved on. She loves sitting on laps, or even just at my feet, next to me on the couch, or snuggled up against my daughter when she is reading. She can sometimes go off on her own and lay in her cat bed, but she is usually not too far away in whatever room has the most people in it. She loves running around after toys: balls, laser pointers, feathers, etc. But I can tell that she has definitely slowed down a bit with age. When food is being served, however, boy does she come running quickly!! She is black-and-white with a beautiful color pattern on her face, and when I look in her eyes I still see the little kitten from 14 years ago. She was adopted by me out of a shelter when I lived in Savannah, GA many, many years ago. Over the past year, I have been trying to rehome my two senior cats. Due to a medical diagnosis that my husband received, we are no longer able to keep the cats in our home. I was working with 2 strangers that reached out to me and have been helping me by contacting no-kill shelters that they were affiliated with. One cat was successfully rehomed about one month ago. We are unfortunately down to our last week and a half before the other cat has to be out of our house, yet I am continuing to reach out to any resources that might be able to help. As of today, all my leads I have been working with for over 11 months have fallen through and there is no room in any of those shelters for her. please email if you can help chloe.