Friday, August 2, 2013

Richmond, VA please help Nelly a great senior dog by offering a home or foster home !!! losing foster home

This is a plea for your assistance from our friends at Gracie's Guardians. Please check out the adorable attached photos and consider if you can help sweet Nelly, and even if you don't have room in your home, please forward this on to everyone you know! Nelly has been in foster care for almost 14 months now, after being pulled from the Richmond (VA) City Shelter where she was surrendered by her owner at the ripe old age of 9 years old. Over the course of her time in foster care, which equals over 400 total days in foster care, she has not received a single adoption application. Nelly is 10 years old now, she’s had an ACL repaired, she has some lumps and bumps and she can be a cranky old lady every now and then but she's a really a sweet, laid back, loving dog with a lot of character and a lot of life left in her. She deserves a forever home to live out her remaining hers somewhere safe, loving and permanent that she can call her own. Nelly has about 2 more weeks in her current foster home before she needs to find a permanent home or a new foster. Please consider sharing Nelly’s story to help us find an adoptive home (or even a loving foster home now would help). Contact if you would like more information on Nelly or may be interested to adopt or foster. Richmond Friends of Animals