Friday, August 30, 2013

Adopt Lucky at 13 year old shetland sheepdog sheltie!

He is one or our special Senior Males about 13 years old who has certainly lived up to his name. Lucky was found tied to a bus stop in Brooklyn during one our 90+ degree days in July. He was laying in the blazing sun, clearly neglected by the looks of him, hungry and dehydrated. A couple driving by was nice enough to bring in to the shelter in hopes that they had saved him in time. He was weak, underweight, had hair loss all over his body, neck, tail due to untreated thyroid issue, and could barely walk from his arthritis. Lucky is doing much better. He is sweet and loving and wants to say hello to every dog he sees. He welcomes the attention from everyone who will give it to him. He is great with other dogs and kids and loves to chase them when he can. He's also completely house trained. We are looking for someone who will be very patient with him and give out a tremendous amount of TLC to let him live out the rest of his time here. We would love to see him in a home with another senior or low key dog, no children, and lots of grass (due to his arthritis, he sometimes drags his front paws on the city streets causing his nails to file all the way to the nerve so now he wheres socks). If you are interested in adopting Lucky, please contact or share him with your friends and family.