Friday, August 30, 2013

Adopt King a 12 year old beagle border collie mix

Sydney at This is King, a sprightly, healthy twelve year-old, male beagle/border collie mix. He stands about 24 inches at the shoulder and weighs 36 pounds. He has lived with his owner since puppyhood and his owner is now incapacitated and no longer living at home. Other family members were visiting, walking, and feeding King in his owner's apartment, but were not allowed dogs in their homes. Thus, King was living on his own and was at risk of being taken to the ASPCA because the owner will not be able to return home and the apartment he was staying in will soon be lost. We have now found King a foster home, but he needs to find a permanent home where he can settle in. King is polite and mannered in the home and he is friendly with people, children and dogs. Mostly what I hear about King from the family is sweet, sweet, sweet. He was caught in this terrible family situation and is very lonely as he has lived happily and lovingly with his owner for his whole life. He really needs a new home. Would you all please think about him for yourselves and forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to do the same? He is currently living on the upper west side and if anyone is interested we can certainly get more information or arrange a visit. Please call me at 646-912-2469 or email me back. Thanks for your help - Sydney

Adopt Boopie adorable senior shetland sheepdog sheltie

Boopie is a senior male Sheltie who is somewhere between 10 and 12 (family gave us three different ages). He a very sweet dog and is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, heart worm tested, microchipped and neutered..Boopie is good with people and would do best as an only dog or maybe with one other, preferably a sheltie or a dog of similar size and one that won't be on top of him. Boopie does great with the sheltie and a puppy in his foster home, but is not a big fan of the bigger Duck Tolling dog in the home. Boopie should NOT be with small children as their sudden movements and noise make him very nervous. He would be ok with older children that understand they have go slow with him and not make quick movements or gestures around Boopie.Boopie is not a big barker, but when someone else is barking he will chime right in. He does not play with toys as of now, but enjoys chewing bones. He is very loving and likes to put his paws up on the couch or bed for a pat and will cuddle with you. Boopie is crate trained and a very happy boy whose tail never stops wagging. Boopie had to be shaved due to severe matting, but his coat is growing in. He is a real cutie!Boopies needs a home to call his own for his senior years. If you'd like to adopt Boopie, please contact Please share him with your family and friends!

Adopt Lucky at 13 year old shetland sheepdog sheltie!

He is one or our special Senior Males about 13 years old who has certainly lived up to his name. Lucky was found tied to a bus stop in Brooklyn during one our 90+ degree days in July. He was laying in the blazing sun, clearly neglected by the looks of him, hungry and dehydrated. A couple driving by was nice enough to bring in to the shelter in hopes that they had saved him in time. He was weak, underweight, had hair loss all over his body, neck, tail due to untreated thyroid issue, and could barely walk from his arthritis. Lucky is doing much better. He is sweet and loving and wants to say hello to every dog he sees. He welcomes the attention from everyone who will give it to him. He is great with other dogs and kids and loves to chase them when he can. He's also completely house trained. We are looking for someone who will be very patient with him and give out a tremendous amount of TLC to let him live out the rest of his time here. We would love to see him in a home with another senior or low key dog, no children, and lots of grass (due to his arthritis, he sometimes drags his front paws on the city streets causing his nails to file all the way to the nerve so now he wheres socks). If you are interested in adopting Lucky, please contact or share him with your friends and family.

Friday, August 23, 2013

BROOKLYN NY Pluto, 12 year old female declawed cat needs new home! left alone most of time!

Please I would like to see if you might be able to post my landlords cat who is a declawed 12 year old. Unfortunately my landlords have become empty nesters this past year and they are constantly traveling and leaving Pluto home alone. Pluto had a friend but she passed away last year. Pluto is a beauty and friendly, she is in great shape but very lonely. I try to spend as much time as possible with her when they are away but it is simply not enough for her to be a happy cat.

Adopt Don't Shop! Please don't abandon your pets!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blackwood NJ RYDER tired old man needs rescue or home!

Contact Sherry Ryder is a tired 8 year old man who would just love a soft bed in a quiet home to retire in to. Ryder passed his evaluation with a no care attitude and would most likelt be OK with another calm dog that feels the same way he does about a sofa. It'a a place to relax and enjoy the moment, not jump all over it. He is missing most of his hair on his hind area due to a flea infestation and we have een giving him baths to help start the healing. Room for our Ryder? Please contact me If you can't rescue him, please share for him? Sherry Heiser NJ Certified Animal Control Officer NJ Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator Sad Eyes Animal Welfare Society West Deptford, NJ 08093 A 501 (c) 3 non profit charity


$60 sponsorship from Senior Pets NYC to reputable rescue organization to take her. THIS PUP HAS ALREADY BEEN MOVED TO THE BACK ROOM - IPLEASE. HELP US NETWORK HER. SHE IS IN A LOW BUDGET NON EXPOSED SMALL SHELTER. UPDATE(8/20): *STILL AVAILABLE! (Buckhannon, WV) "Mandy" is currently at a KILL SHELTER...! *She does not have much chance of being adopter/Rescued, without sharing/networking her like crazy!! *I can help w/transport, within reason. please email the shelter at :, OR CALL (304) 472-3865

MURFREESBORO TN--SENIOR DOG needs rescue now!!!!!

This poor old dog is in need of rescue help. He is very old. He appears to be possibly deaf and partially blind. He has trouble standing and just wants to lay around. He was to be euthanized yesterday but Tammy Woods was called and she is hoping that he can be helped. Tammy is going to get a vet’s opinion of his condition to see if his quality of life is there or not. If he can be treated for his stiffness and can have some quality time remaining, he will need to have a rescue to commit to him. He needs a safe and caring place to live out his remaining time. Contact: Tammy Woods 615.496.6632 (takes texts too)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rescue or adopt Fonzi, urgent dog in w va shelter

he name is Fonzi and I am just as good looking as the Fonz. I am an older Basset hound that is looking for a home to spend the rest of my days at. I’m 6 years old and about 50 pounds. The shelter staff thinks I have a few health problems with lumps, but they do not know if it is cancer or not. So please come and adopt me from this dreadful place and give me a home where I can just be a dog and snoop around. So remember the name Fonzi when you come up and look around. Braxton County Animal Shelter, Sutton, WV 304-765-2200

Saturday, August 17, 2013


?•*¨*•.¸¸? SHARE ?¸.•*¨*•? Contact: Not much is known about this darling girl, so please email the shelter for updates. Animal ID: 3360 Date Entered: 8/12/13 Type Animal: DOG Breed: BEAGLE MIX Hair: SHORT TRI Weight: 13 LBS Age: 11 YRS Sex: FEMALE (NOT SPAYED) Info: Hoping my family comes looking for me. I am an older dog with some skin issues. Looks to be allergies. Warnings: Has skin allergies or flea allergies Please Read:¬e_id=10150280341931374

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hartford CT female lab mix FAYE needs a new home now!

Female Lab Mix, Hartford, CT_CONTACT: PET PROTECTORS, INC.2490 Black Rock Turnpike # 453 Fairfield, CT 06824 Tel. (203) 330-0255 or This beautiful dog has spent the last year in a real home, and will lose her home today - the woman is moving. Poor Faye will have to go back to living in a cage at a boarding facility, and the older she gets, the more difficult that kind of life is for her. Of course, the worst thing about a dog being bounced around is that she/he tends to regress; that is, all the progress she may have made - beginning to feel secure and loved and comfortable - could very well vanish. Please help us find this lovely girl a home where she won't ever be tossed aside again. Faye loves people - especially men. She is the kind of dog that is fine in the house all alone while you go to work, and she enjoys a snooze in the backyard (which must be fenced in securely; she's smart). Since her advocate believes she is part hound, she knows how to howl at squirrels and birds, but also knows how to snuggle up next to you for hours of affection. Faye is ok with some dogs - not all. Someone with some dog-savvy would have to do the introductions. Otherwise, she is perfectly ok with being the "only child." She might well deserve that kind of undivided attention, as her life has had many disappointments. All she really wants is someone who loves her and who she can love right back; someone who will never toss her aside again. Please help her find that person - a cage is NO PLACE for an eight year old dog. Faye is spayed, housetrained, fully vetted. She is friendly, smart, and ready to be someone's faithful friend. If you can help Faye, please contact her advocate above.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teaneck NJ Chloe - 14 year old cat needs rescue or home or foster now - less than two weeks to place her

Chloe is 14 years old and has such a warm, lovely, and still playful personality! She just wants to be loved on. She loves sitting on laps, or even just at my feet, next to me on the couch, or snuggled up against my daughter when she is reading. She can sometimes go off on her own and lay in her cat bed, but she is usually not too far away in whatever room has the most people in it. She loves running around after toys: balls, laser pointers, feathers, etc. But I can tell that she has definitely slowed down a bit with age. When food is being served, however, boy does she come running quickly!! She is black-and-white with a beautiful color pattern on her face, and when I look in her eyes I still see the little kitten from 14 years ago. She was adopted by me out of a shelter when I lived in Savannah, GA many, many years ago. Over the past year, I have been trying to rehome my two senior cats. Due to a medical diagnosis that my husband received, we are no longer able to keep the cats in our home. I was working with 2 strangers that reached out to me and have been helping me by contacting no-kill shelters that they were affiliated with. One cat was successfully rehomed about one month ago. We are unfortunately down to our last week and a half before the other cat has to be out of our house, yet I am continuing to reach out to any resources that might be able to help. As of today, all my leads I have been working with for over 11 months have fallen through and there is no room in any of those shelters for her. please email if you can help chloe.

Lambertville NJ 3 senior cats need foster homes now - owner homeless was living in her car

CAN YOU HELP? Three Beloved pet cats were tearfully surrendered to LAW today by a woman who has lost her home and has been living in her car…..her family would only allow her to move in with them if she "got rid of her pet cats"….she tearfully told us how she found Scooter 12 years ago as a kitten - he is a beautiful blue gray cat who "loves to be loved and can open doors by himself". Tommy is a "sweet gentle 12 year old cat who loves to eat" (Tommy needs a diet!), and beautiful Carissa is sassy and smart at 17! We tearfully promised this woman that we would care for her beloved cats - each of us can only try to imagine ourselves in that situation - it is beyond heartbreaking…… We placed the cats in a temporary 24 hour holding situation in cages in a garage as we desperately search for Foster Homes for Tommy, Scooter, and Carissa…..Please contact us if you can foster or have an interest in adopting one or more of these kitties….609.397.0461 or Info@LambertvilleAnimalWelfare.Org We have spent the day dealing with a hoarding situation of approx 50 cats/kittens with horrible medical needs so we are overwhelmed and would truly appreciate HELP! PLEASE SHARE! LAMBERTVILLE ANIMAL WELFARE

Sutton, WVA - Ace, small senior beagle needs rescue now $50 sponsorship available to rescue

Braxton County Animal Shelter, Sutton, WV • 304-765-2200 • Email ACE is an absolutely adorable GOLDEN OLDIE beagle/basset mix. He is in a shelter and that is no place for this Golden Oldie or any other – he deserves a soft bed and lots of cuddles and xxx. He is only small and won’t take up much room – have you got a spare bed that he call his own. Please come soon and ADOPT/RESCUE ACE. “My name is ACE and I am here in this shelter with all the noise of barking -- I am OLD and just want to lay around and rest. I like to get up sometimes to take a walk and enjoy life. At this age I think a turtle might pass me up. But I still can get around... good. The lady here loves me cause I am so sweet, she loves my very short legs, she thinks I am cute and got to say it myself think so too. I want a forever home to where I can hold down your porch, and get me a feed bowl full of food every day and water bowl of cold water to drink when I want. So someone out there got a porch I can hold down for them please come get me.” Pet ID: 5-13-D041 • Primary color: Tricolor (Brown, Black & White) • Coat length: Short

Brooklyn NY Two black senior cats need home or rescue now!

These two 12 year old cats need a home or rescue now. They are Monty and Marley and owner no longer wants to keep them - her daughters are off to college, etc etc etc. They really will have no place to go at the end of august so this is somewhat urgent. Please contact Vicki (not the owner) at if you can rescue or adopt these two cats.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Winston, 9 year old beagle/basset needs home or rescue now - brooklyn NY

contact kim at Winston is 9 years old and is a Basset Hound/Beagle mix and I've had him since he was 8 months old. He is great with other dogs, cats and children of all ages. He is easygoing and a lover. he is seeing a vet this week and will get shots updated and wellness check. he is good with cats, dogs and kids. Owner is going through divorce and moving into no pet apartment. Winston has TEMPORARY foster for this month. He needs a home or rescue now. Please email kim at if you can rescue him or adopt.

Sutton, WVA - Little old man beagle basset senior needs rescue now!

ACE, Pet ID: 5-13-D041 Beagle/Basset Hound Mix: An adoptable dog in Sutton, WV Small • Senior • Male Braxton County Animal Shelter 10 Animal Shelter Lane Sutton , WV 26601 Phone: 304-765-2200 My name is Ace and I am here in this shelter with all the noise of barking. I am old and just want to lay around and rest. Like to get up sometimes to take a walk and enjoy life. At this age I think a turtle might pass me up. But I still can get around good. The lady here loves me cause I am so sweet, she loves my very short legs. she thinks I am cute got to say it myself think so too. I want a forever home to where I can hold down your porch, and get me a feed bowl full of food everyday and water bowl of cold water to drink when I want I get that here just not the outside and the porch. So someone out there got a porch I can hold down for them please come get me. Pet ID: 5-13-D041 • Primary color: Tricolor (Brown, Black & White) • Coat length: Short ACE'S CONTACT INFO Braxton County Animal Shelter, Sutton, WV • 304-765-2200

Sunday, August 11, 2013

HOWELL< MI 10 year old female beagle needs rescue or home now - very stressed in shelter setting

contacdt: 2464 Dorr Road Howell, Michigan 48843 Websites Scout is a senior Beagle who is literally heartbroken that her family of approx 10 years no longer has time for her. She's shaking, panting and is very stressed here. Scout needs to get out of here and back into the comforts of a living home. Please consider adopting her and don't wait. Scout needs you NOW!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Miami, FL 13 Year old male beagle needs rescue now!

305-884-1101 "Bernie" (A1545066)-- 13 year old, neutered male beagle, 42 pounds @ Miami-Dade Animal Shelter, Miami, FL

Kingwood, WV....SAD little Senior in need...Just lays and shakes

Contact me, Brittaney Shearer at this email, or at the shelter 304-329-3461 or Brittaney’s cell 304-435-2218. With transport help, or pilot for paws, we should be able to get him just about anywhere. This guy came in today. His elderly owner passed away, and the neighbors kept him for a week. He has very few bottom teeth, and cataracts. Not fixed :( and about 20lbs, he is a sweet boy, and they said he was a house dog. He is very scared at our loud shelter with all the noise. He just lays and shakes. Can you PLEASE help this sweet guy. He does have a raw spot, on his back leg,where he is chewing from stress i'm sure Yes, Please share him with everyone you know. Because he is old, and was a OTI his time here may be VERY short as its a very small shelter, and just yesterday we took in 5 dogs. They can contact me, at this email, or at the shelter 304-329-3461 or my cell 304-435-2218. With transport help, or pilot for paws, we should be able to get him just about anywhere Preston County Animal Shelter (304) 329-3461 Kingston Rd Kingwood, WV 26537

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cody a 13 year old Brittany spaniel needs temp foster home 1-2 months NYC

Cody is a 13 year old Brittany Spaniel in need of a temporary foster home. Owner is having problems and needs someone to take care of Cody for one to to months. Compensation is available to foster in NYC. If you can open your home to an older dog for awhile, please email for foster application.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Youngstown, OH - Two 10 Year Old BONDED Seniors Dumped at kill shelter

10 years! For 10 years, Sazzue and Shadow had a home and family. Then, "poof." Owners drive them in, both smashed in a crate on the bed of a truck. Terrified? You bettcha! "Sorry we're having marital problems." I am truly sorry to hear that, but do you know the chances for these 10-year-old dogs at a full pound? Ahhh, of course, they didn't bat an eye, yet myself and others have to scramble and cry over these senior sweethearts who are innocent and may have no future. These two love each other and are trapped at the Mahoning County Dog Pound in Youngstown Ohio. Please a miracle has to happen. Share these two loving and precious dogs. Call the pound if you can take them or rescue them. Mahoning County Dog Pound & Adoption Center 589 Industrial Road Youngstown, OH 44509 330-740-2205, x1

Richmond, VA please help Nelly a great senior dog by offering a home or foster home !!! losing foster home

This is a plea for your assistance from our friends at Gracie's Guardians. Please check out the adorable attached photos and consider if you can help sweet Nelly, and even if you don't have room in your home, please forward this on to everyone you know! Nelly has been in foster care for almost 14 months now, after being pulled from the Richmond (VA) City Shelter where she was surrendered by her owner at the ripe old age of 9 years old. Over the course of her time in foster care, which equals over 400 total days in foster care, she has not received a single adoption application. Nelly is 10 years old now, she’s had an ACL repaired, she has some lumps and bumps and she can be a cranky old lady every now and then but she's a really a sweet, laid back, loving dog with a lot of character and a lot of life left in her. She deserves a forever home to live out her remaining hers somewhere safe, loving and permanent that she can call her own. Nelly has about 2 more weeks in her current foster home before she needs to find a permanent home or a new foster. Please consider sharing Nelly’s story to help us find an adoptive home (or even a loving foster home now would help). Contact if you would like more information on Nelly or may be interested to adopt or foster. Richmond Friends of Animals

Rockville, MD 10 year old diabetic cat dumped by owners needs home or rescue now

Montana arrived along w/his medication for diabetics…with a give up sheet that stated “with 2 kids, it is becoming too hard to take care of him.” He lost his home of 10yrs…out in the cold…. MONTANA is a neut. male, Domestic black + white short hair boy….10yrs old. + 10lbs. Can any of you help? Montana is affectionate, enjoys being held, IS A LAP CAT too the owner stated. He started urine marking about a month ago + the owner claims nothing has changed …but I’m betting something has…”. Hoping to hear from you for this poor fella Bobbi MCHS RESCUE" CONTACT: MCHS Rescue Program Phone: 240-271-0656 Fax: 301-279-1998 (Attn: Rescue) Montgomery County Humane Society 14645 Rothgeb Dr Rockville, MD 20850 Main: 240-773-5960 Fax: 301-279-1998

Thursday, August 1, 2013

$60 sponsorship Louisburg, NC LEMON senior beagle possibly pregnant needs rescue now

CONTACT: PLEASE CALL ANIMAL CONTROL DIRECTLY AT 919-496-3032, press 0 to get a person Beagle, Senior, Female, Stray (avail 7/25), 13-1577 / 7-2-0427 NEW- FRIENDLY GIRL, MIGHT BE PREGNANT- LEMON Please Note** IF YOU SEE AN ANIMAL THAT YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT, PLEASE CALL ANIMAL CONTROL DIRECTLY AT 919-496-3032, press 0 to get a person. When calling about an animal, refer to the call number (13-xxxx) and impound number (x-x-xxxx) listed under the animal’s picture. This will get you the most accurate information when you call. Animal Control will be able to provide you with any information faster than we can. This report is prepared by volunteers and we are not at the shelter every day to get up to the minute information on the status of each animal. FCHS recommends that all animals adopted from the facility be evaluated by a veterinarian as soon as possible, quarantined for 10 days prior to exposure to other pets, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. It is also a good idea to have a topical flea and tick treatment (such as Frontline Plus) ready for dogs and cats pulled from this facility. PENNSYLVANIA RESCUES PLEASE NOTE! Our local Humane society, Franklin County Humane Society, has obtained a PA dealer’s license and is able to import dogs and cats into the state. FEES: Current rescue and adoption fees (as of July 1, 2012) are $25 per animal which includes rabies vaccine for animals older than 4 months and may include other vaccines as well. Please inquire with animal control regarding other vaccines that have been given. Moms with young litters (cats and dogs) and litters without mom are $25 total. There is no longer a discount from these fees for rescues. DISCLAIMER: No guarantees, expressed or implied, should be assumed from the descriptions of the animals in this report regarding breed, history, health, behavior, or any other factor. FCHS, it’s volunteers, Franklin County Animal Control, and it’s employees, will not be held liable for any representations made in this report. Adoption or rescue of any animal listed in this report is at the exclusive risk of the adopter or rescue, and, as such, you assume all liability associated with adoption or rescue. Animals at this facility have not been evaluated by a veterinarian or behaviorist.