Tuesday, July 23, 2013

West View PA - Hallie and Rascal two senior bonded dogs still in need of new home!

You may remember Rascal & Hallie...the two perfect seniors who lived outside their entire lives. After two months of posting them they were earnestly adopted and saved but sadly their new MOM took on much more than she could handle...they've been vetted, groomed and they are the most loving, wonderful dogs...they are sleeping indoors on orthopedic beds… These photos were their FREEDOM PHOTOS taken in their Foster Home…. (FYI* The foster mom who tried, is single, 2 year young child, 3 dogs, and 2 cats…AND she took on Hallie & Rascal b/c she felt so badly for them… entirely too much for her to take on at this time) Hallie and Rascal....They are now in West View PA. Contact karen: pals@psknet.com OR Contact thelmahitus1171@msn.com They need a new place to retire together! Please share with urgency for these sweet deserving senior babies! They are truly perfect dogs…no health issues, no behavior issues and they love each other.