Tuesday, July 30, 2013

URGENT! WALTERBORO, SC NOT blind older female beagle needs rescue now! 60.00 sponsor money

This older blind female beagle is in the Colleton County, SC Shelter in Walterboro, SC. When those of us working on her called the shelter Friday & Monday (yesterday), their first response was they didn't know which dog we were talking about....but then she was found in their system and they were willing to work with us to get her out. That really worries me a bit. Her hold time is up on Wednesday (7/31/13). They didn't say she was in immediate danger of being PTS, but euth day at the shelter is Friday. The finder said that she is very sweet, and appears to be blind & weak....no telling how long she was on her own. We are glad to help if a rescue is found! My contact (Camden,SC) is: lb5122@yahoo.com

Monday, July 29, 2013

NYC Adopt Grasshopper, mature british shorthair kitty!

Grasshopper is a friendly and adorable British Shorthair mix kitty that will plop right down in your lap as soon as you sit down. This loveable tuxedo would not mind being your only feline, but she can tolerate other cats that aren't too in-your-face. Grasshopper is a mature adult that is still fairly active and has tons of love to give! email audrey.fisher@bideawee.org WATCH MY VIDEO: http://youtu.be/fbCyM3X27eM

NYC Adopt Beonin, playful mature kitty who needs a new home!

Beonin is a playful and friendly spotted kitty that came to Bideawee via a municipal shelter. This mature adult is very loveable and enjoys being petted. She is fairly mellow and independent but still social at the same time. Beonin would do best with a family that has some cat experience, and older kids are recommended. Beonin would really like to be your only feline! email audrey.fisher@bideawee.org WATCH MY VIDEO: http://youtu.be/lwKwui-gLJw

NYC Senior kitty Meelah needs new loving home!

This gorgeous golden tabby cat is so unique and loveable! Meelah is a mature adult that is active, outgoing, and inquisitive. She is around 9 years old and came to Bideawee after being abandoned at a municipal shelter, where her fate was not looking good. Luckily, she is now safe and sound, and waiting to go home with you! Meelah seems to tolerate living with other cats but she could also be your only feline. email audrey.fisher@bideawee.org

NYC Two bonded chihuahuas need home!

Ruggles and JuJuBee are an adorable pair of Chihuahuas that are very bonded to each other. They would love to go home with you together! Ruggles is 10 years old and weighs 13 pounds, while JuJuBee is 4 years old and weighs 11 pounds. They are both fearful with strangers, so they need an experienced, patient, calm, and gentle family with children over the age of 12. They seem to be friendly with other small, gentle dogs, and they can probably live with cats. They seem to already be housebroken. They came to Bideawee via a municipal shelter, where their fate had been looking very grim. Luckily, now they are safe and sound, and waiting to meet you! email audrey.fisher@bideawee.org for more info!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Matt Dillon & Bear Killer-URGENT! (retirement home needed!!!): Shepherd, Dog; Springfield, TN Enlarge Photo MATT DILLON & BEAR KILLER-URGENT! (RETIREMENT HOME NEEDED!!!) Shepherd/Hound Mix: An adoptable dog in Springfield, TN Medium • Senior • Male Email a friend Printer friendly Yes, those are the names they came with. These boys were abandoned at the lcoation where the picture was taken. They are supposed to be SIXTEEN years old!!!! These brothers need help!!!! Please call 615-384-9289 !!!! MATT DILLON & BEAR KILLER-URGENT! (RETIREMENT HOME NEEDED!!!)'S CONTACT INFO Springfield Animal Control, Springfield, TN 615-384-9289

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two 12 year old bonded Tonkinese need a home! Ardsley NY

Bonnie and Clyde are 12 year old purebred tonkinese surrendered to a Shelter when owners moved into a no pet apartment. They are healthy and fixed and they really need a home as they are living in a cage together. If you would like to adopt them, please contact catassistanceny@gmail.com or call 914-667-7877/419-2574 They are in Ardsley, NY.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

West View PA - Hallie and Rascal two senior bonded dogs still in need of new home!

You may remember Rascal & Hallie...the two perfect seniors who lived outside their entire lives. After two months of posting them they were earnestly adopted and saved but sadly their new MOM took on much more than she could handle...they've been vetted, groomed and they are the most loving, wonderful dogs...they are sleeping indoors on orthopedic beds… These photos were their FREEDOM PHOTOS taken in their Foster Home…. (FYI* The foster mom who tried, is single, 2 year young child, 3 dogs, and 2 cats…AND she took on Hallie & Rascal b/c she felt so badly for them… entirely too much for her to take on at this time) Hallie and Rascal....They are now in West View PA. Contact karen: pals@psknet.com OR Contact thelmahitus1171@msn.com They need a new place to retire together! Please share with urgency for these sweet deserving senior babies! They are truly perfect dogs…no health issues, no behavior issues and they love each other.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

UPDATE - LADYBUG RESCUED!!! URGENT LADYBUG in West Union Ohio pound - needs rescue now

The pound has very limited hours during the week 11 a.m. to 1 pm. if you can rescue this dog please call the pound I have no other information on this senior beagle right now.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

NYC - Cody a 13 year old pb Brittany Spaniel needs a new home

Cody is a 13 year old purebred Brittany Spaniel who needs a new home. His owner can no longer properly care for him and would like to see him in a new loving home or foster home until adopted. He is still playful and acts like a puppy. He is vetted and has shots and does have some hearing loss which is common at this age. If you are interested in bringing a senior dog into your life, please email joansdogs@aol.com for adoption application for Cody.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blackwood NJ Old and sick male labrador needs rescue now - lived outside entire life

The contact is Sherry at sheiser50@yahoo.com if anyone can possibly help! Thank you!!!! He came in as a stray from Camden City, NJ. He looks like he probably spent his life in a back yard somewhere. We know he did not receive any medical care or attention and love. He has flea irritation which we are treating. Looks like maybe cataracts. Has hip problems so he walks slowly to get where he wants to go. Seems to have a hemroid going on too. Our vet will be taking a closer look to see how else we can help him, but we would love to find him either a home or rescue so he can get out of a shelter cage and lay on someone's comfy blanket in the air conditioning. He is a calm and laid back man who deserves to spend the rest of his life outside a cage. contact is Sherry at sheiser50@yahoo.com

UPDATE PLACED!Orangeburg, SC 11 year old Leeza needs placement now both owners died

http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/26562488 This sweet girl is located in Orangeburg SC between Columbia and Charleston; her owners have both passed away & their home is being sold August 10. Her parents were personal family friends and they rescued many thru the years. All have been placed and Leeza is along with the caretaker. The house is packed,she sits quietly and waits still to hear her Dad's car and her mom coming home for daily visits from the nursing home.Frances Dell had dementia but knew her dogs until the end 1. She's 11 years young and only wants a kind word and a home that she can lay at your feet her remaining years. She is not good with cats, dogs are fine. Financial assistance will be given for her care to an approved home. Transportation can be arranged within 3 hours of Orangeburg, SC Please email Ms. Walton Salley Corgis and Friends of Walmarsh http://members.petfinder.com/~SC107/ salleyw@bellsouth.net

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rome, GA - $50 sponsorship money Linda, Senior Treeing Walker Hound needs rescue now urgent!!!!!!

Id#1461 _Treeing Walker Coonhound_ female__ LINDA SENIOR -- PLEASE SAVE HER !! http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/9115392-rome-georgia-hound-unknown-type-mix YOU MUST WRITE__ " RESCUE OFFER " in the subject line of the email OR WE WILL MISS THE OFFER OF RESCUE /ADOPTION AND THEY WILL BE KILLED! PLEASE DO THIS CORRECTLY, AS THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!! Please contact all parties below, so no one misses an offer: hope@hope4dogs.net (904) 797-9402 and Rondawoman22@aol.com (704) 288-7272 - you can text me too ! Poor babies are located here : Floyd County animal shelter, Rome GA telephone number: _706-236-4545_ (tel:706-236-4545)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Warner Robins GA Blind Senior Female Shepherd needs rescue now!

Rescue has fallen through, please re-post this poor, old girl. Thanks, Charli. This girl is in need of immediate rescue. She is currently with the lady that saved her but the lady is also disabled and can not keep her. If you can take this girl please contact the below people. I have no other info, i am only cross posting for this girl. Contact either: 478-250-7658 Kassy OR Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc 478-271-GCRR This dog was rescued by a good samartian when the neglectful owner was going to dump her at the pound. The person that took her took her with intentions of trying to find rescue but is unable to keep and doesn't want to have her put down however she is running out of options... Here's what she has to say about her: Samantha is a 6 year old German shepherd! We was told she fully vet, but not to sure about that. We're trying to get her vet records. He said He had her since she was 9 months old until about 2 weeks ago. He was going take her to the pound just caused she blind. We are going have her eyes check and see if it can be fixed. She an awesome dog. I love her so much cause I'm disabled too. But I can't care for her. I don't want her to be put down Please contact pittieprotector@yahoo.com if you can help Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehab