Sunday, June 2, 2013

W Salem Ohio, mostly white senior male beagle needs home! looks like sweet beagle too!

The woman who found Nate sent this update:
What I have learned about Nate is that he's a very friendly boy. He loves to be around people . I am trying to get him used to being inside my home. He does well and doesn't do "his business" in the house. He loves car rides. Does well at vets office, no growling or snapping. He has buck shot in him, found that out from x-rays. It doesn't effect him in any way though . He loves treats lol. Always has a big tail wag whenever someone comes around. When I'm working in the yard he 'follows' me around. Takes him a little longer but I wait for him. He does NOT like garden hoses though, for this I do not know the reason. If he sees it he can move pretty quick. Lol. He doesn't seem to mind cats, have a few outside ones and he doesn't bother them. He found out he loves the big dog bed I gave him, stays on it quit a bit. Going to try the bath thing this weekend and see how he does,lol. He's just a really friendly ole boy who just wants to be loved. He will catch your heart real quick because I know he has caught mine :) Hope you can help me find a responsible home for this sweet boy.  If you are interested
in helping this beagle boy,
please contact:
Barb McGrady