Monday, June 10, 2013

Owingsville KY two half blind injured kittens need home together!

Yes this is senior pets but we also post "disabled" animals and these two kittens fit the bill.
Marcy was the first to arrive. She somehow crawled up from a field behind my house 250 feet uphill for her, found a miniscule opening in the fence, crawled into my open basement patio door, through a sea of 8 dogs, and hid behind my furnace.  Both Marcy and Marty had severe eye infections and recently had one eye removed. 
Marty was found 2 days later on my front porch.  I think his Mom dropped him off.  They were barely 8-10 oz. when they had the surgery last week.  Marcy is now about 12 oz. and Marty might be 10 oz. but are eating well.
I need to find a home for them, I want them to stay together and be indoor cats.  I promised them that I would be sure the rest of their lives would be good, and I intend to keep my promise. I will pay for all vetting, I just want to find a perfect home for them.  The remaining eyes have limited vision.   please contact: