Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meg, a 8-9 year old female shepherd mix needs a home! Moorestown NJ

Meg is a sweet Shepherd/hound mix with a loving disposition. She's been in foster care with us for about 9 months and she is a terrific pet. She's about 8-9 years old so she doesn't exhaust you with her energy, but she still has the playful heart of a puppy. She loves to cuddle, take walks, play with her bone and lay on her blanket. She’s fully house-trained and has no bad habits -- no chewing, begging, obsessive barking or destructive behavior.  She's crate trained but we basically keep the crate door open -- she goes in it to rest and eat but she can be totally trusted outside the crate. A short hair, she doesn't shed excessively either. After a nice evening walk, Meg likes to quiet down and watch TV.  She’s very smart and knows commands, such as “sit,” “paw” and “kennel up.” She’s very loyal and likes people a lot. Meg would do anything for her "people." Meg can get along with other dogs after a period of getting to know them. If you'd like to learn more about Meg, please email her foster parents at adoptmeg@gmail.com.