Tuesday, June 18, 2013

UPDATE ADOPTED!!!Cobden IL - 13 year old beagle abandoned by owners, dumped in shelter and owners told - just shoot him we don't want him

*TRANSPORT FREE TO ANYWHERE** Btw, if you all see or hear of abuse or killing in IL and you know who the offender is let me know (ucac2011@yahoo.com), as I am a humane investigator -- and I take this job real real seriously. Poor Billy is a 13 yr old beagle basset mix. His owner sold their home and moved away and promised buyer of property he would be back for the dog.... after not returning he told the owner of property he wasn't coming back and suggested he just shoot Billy. He was surrendered by owner of the property and needs a good home or rescue for retirement in his golden years. Very sweet fella! We have noticed a few tumors on him and he is not deaf but does seem hard of hearing. Union County Illinois Animal Control 385 Kaolin Rd., Cobden, IL 62920 Email ucac2011@yahoo.com Animal Control # 618-833-4915 PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE AC NUMBER other than to pull or adopt one of the cats or dogs. Good intentions can sway from the urgency of the animals in need. When calling UCAC please leave a message with your full name, reason for calling, and return phone # We are Volunteers taking pictures and trying to help save these animals None of us here work for UCAC. Please join and help us help them! ADOPTIONS.... All pets adopted from UCAC will require background checks and Vet refrences Cat adoption fees: $45.00 Dog adoption fees: $65.00 Adoption Fee does include a Microchip Animals that have received full vetting will have adoption fees that will reflect on this. Other animals that are not dogs and cats such as livestock adoption fees will have adoption fee listed seperately below their photo. RESCUES... Rescue groups wishing to rescue animals both in state and out of state, must have a 501c3 or be licensed by the Department of Agriculture as a rescue/ shelter and their application to rescue must be approved by Union County Animal Control. Each rescue group must submit a copy of its shelter license and a list of approved person to pick up animals from the Union County Animal Control. PLEASE CROSS-POST THIS CUTE BOY