Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boone NC Faedra is a sweet and small senior female beagle needs rescue or home!

Can anyone help this little girl. Please network if you can not. If you can contact: Rebecca Darby Maddy My name is Rebecca Darby and I am currently a junior at Appalachian State University. I am emailing you because I am very concerned for one sweet little dog at the Watauga Humane Society and was hoping you all would be willing to help me. Her name is Faidre (pronounced Fehdra), and she is a sweet, patient, smart, loving little girl, who has the funniest facial expressions and adores attention. Shes laid back and is easily the quietest little beagle I've ever seen (of the 7 or 8 times I've met her I've only heard her bark once.) She is in the same kennel as a little spastic dog named Chelsea who nips and bumps into Faidre all the time and it does not even phase this adorable girl. My concern is this; unfortunately, the Watauga Humane Society is a shelter that puts dogs down if they run out of room. As I'm sure you know, older dogs and dogs with health and behavior problems are the first ones that get put down. Miss Faidre is eleven years old and I'm so concerned that she will be put to sleep very soon. This idea breaks my heart, because this dog is very healthy and loves to be with people. She has plenty of spunky-ness left in her and can keep up with her hyper kennel-mate Chelsea. After looking for no kill shelters in North Carolina, I found that you all are an organization that does not put animals down. I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out in some way be it taking this sweet girl in, or spreading her name around, to see if anyone would adopt her. I would love to adopt this wonderful girl, but my dog in Cary is very dog aggressive, and in Boone, I do not have the money to take care of such a great pet. I can't watch this sweet girl get put down and I was hoping you guys could help me out! I hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance for your time and attention. I can not tell you how much this means to me. Below is a picture of Faidre if you guys would want to spread her name if you don't have room for her or don't want to take her due to her age. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Rebecca Darby

Learn about cancer inthe greyhounbd from a pet cancer specialist! event is Sunday July 28th!

VetVine is pleased to be hosting an educational event just for pet lovers! A "greyt" event to benefit the dogs! Join us and learn about cancer in the Greyhound from a pet cancer specialist! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Connecticut Greyhound Adoptions - a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America. Read More and Register Thanks for your help in spreading the word. - Sheri Sheri L. Berger, DVM, DACVO CEO / Chief Visionary Officer PetsVetSpace, LLC Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube (646) 489-7830 (cell) (646) 478-9075 (fax)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jersey City NJ - two older german shepherds need a home together or rescue to keep them together

Black and Tan shepherd is 75 lbs and 8.5 yrs old but very healthy. Her name is Tinkerbell. We make her run once or twice a day fetching her toy. She is fixed as well. All shots were done July of last year. The white shepherd is 6.5 yrs old and is 85 lbs. His name is Bobo and he is especially protective of Tinkerbell. We brought them all the way from Hawaii so they have certifications from the vet. Who took care of all the shots. If need be we will have them rechecked and have shots given. My partner and I are leaving the country indefinitely. My daughter is moving to Massachusetts and cannot afford an expensive apartment that will take the dogs. Her dad, my partner, lost his job and business. We are presently just staying with friends in Jersey City where there is a small yard for the dogs to play. Both are good with kids and adults but are not good around small dogs. contact:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Warner Robins Ga URGENT senior bully mix dumped is blind and needs rescue now!

This poor old fellow was found when he wondered up from the road to a guy's house. The man did not want the dog but could not run off a blind old guy. He called us for help. We have the dog in a temp foster but he needs a rescue asap. They man and the foster tell me that they do not think the dog can see much at all. He is old and very thin. He is already neutered, so he did belong to some one but now that he is old, he finds himself dumped out like trash. Like so many seniors in this area, he is left to die alone on the streets. If you can help him, please contact either Lynn at or Charli at Thank you, Charli, 770/584/3655

Wake Co. Raleigh NC - Gorgeous 9 year old female yellow lab needs rescue now!

Meet Anastasia # 89690 she is a 9 year old female lab. She is marked RESCUE ONLY because she has skin issues as well as some masses. We dont know pathology of masses, they dont seem to bother her. She's a sweet girl who seems to have a typical lab personality (sweet, relaxed, food motivated). If you are a 501c3 Rescue Group and able to pull her, please email Cindy Lynch: Contact:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer 2013 (Volume 8: Issue 2)

In This Issue:
Cover Pet: Bonnie
Rescue Profile: Senior Dog Haven & Hospice
Disaster Preparedness
Senior Dogs and Cats for Adoption
Tales of Boogie
Featured Adoptable Pet: Rocky
Go Fetch! By Bodie

View newsletter (PDF)...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

UPDATE ADOPTED!!!Cobden IL - 13 year old beagle abandoned by owners, dumped in shelter and owners told - just shoot him we don't want him

*TRANSPORT FREE TO ANYWHERE** Btw, if you all see or hear of abuse or killing in IL and you know who the offender is let me know (, as I am a humane investigator -- and I take this job real real seriously. Poor Billy is a 13 yr old beagle basset mix. His owner sold their home and moved away and promised buyer of property he would be back for the dog.... after not returning he told the owner of property he wasn't coming back and suggested he just shoot Billy. He was surrendered by owner of the property and needs a good home or rescue for retirement in his golden years. Very sweet fella! We have noticed a few tumors on him and he is not deaf but does seem hard of hearing. Union County Illinois Animal Control 385 Kaolin Rd., Cobden, IL 62920 Email Animal Control # 618-833-4915 PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE AC NUMBER other than to pull or adopt one of the cats or dogs. Good intentions can sway from the urgency of the animals in need. When calling UCAC please leave a message with your full name, reason for calling, and return phone # We are Volunteers taking pictures and trying to help save these animals None of us here work for UCAC. Please join and help us help them! ADOPTIONS.... All pets adopted from UCAC will require background checks and Vet refrences Cat adoption fees: $45.00 Dog adoption fees: $65.00 Adoption Fee does include a Microchip Animals that have received full vetting will have adoption fees that will reflect on this. Other animals that are not dogs and cats such as livestock adoption fees will have adoption fee listed seperately below their photo. RESCUES... Rescue groups wishing to rescue animals both in state and out of state, must have a 501c3 or be licensed by the Department of Agriculture as a rescue/ shelter and their application to rescue must be approved by Union County Animal Control. Each rescue group must submit a copy of its shelter license and a list of approved person to pick up animals from the Union County Animal Control. PLEASE CROSS-POST THIS CUTE BOY

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Greensboro, NC Dale is a small doxie mix needs new home!!

Dale has been rescued 2 times now and poor guy really needs a place to call his forever home.  he was first rescued when his Momma became disabled and now his new Momma has to go to a nursing poor Dale needs another home. 
Dale is maybe 7-9 years old, he is about 15-20 pounds... but very active! He loves other dogs, and cats, and people! he thinks he is a lap puppy, he loves to run in the yard, I mean RUN! He is a trip. Has a deep, loud bark. Has all his vaccines, though I can get them updated if the lady doesn't have records. He has been neutered. Wonderful guy. He does not do well alone.
Marsha Rogers

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meg, a 8-9 year old female shepherd mix needs a home! Moorestown NJ

Meg is a sweet Shepherd/hound mix with a loving disposition. She's been in foster care with us for about 9 months and she is a terrific pet. She's about 8-9 years old so she doesn't exhaust you with her energy, but she still has the playful heart of a puppy. She loves to cuddle, take walks, play with her bone and lay on her blanket. She’s fully house-trained and has no bad habits -- no chewing, begging, obsessive barking or destructive behavior.  She's crate trained but we basically keep the crate door open -- she goes in it to rest and eat but she can be totally trusted outside the crate. A short hair, she doesn't shed excessively either. After a nice evening walk, Meg likes to quiet down and watch TV.  She’s very smart and knows commands, such as “sit,” “paw” and “kennel up.” She’s very loyal and likes people a lot. Meg would do anything for her "people." Meg can get along with other dogs after a period of getting to know them. If you'd like to learn more about Meg, please email her foster parents at

Monday, June 10, 2013

Owingsville KY two half blind injured kittens need home together!

Yes this is senior pets but we also post "disabled" animals and these two kittens fit the bill.
Marcy was the first to arrive. She somehow crawled up from a field behind my house 250 feet uphill for her, found a miniscule opening in the fence, crawled into my open basement patio door, through a sea of 8 dogs, and hid behind my furnace.  Both Marcy and Marty had severe eye infections and recently had one eye removed. 
Marty was found 2 days later on my front porch.  I think his Mom dropped him off.  They were barely 8-10 oz. when they had the surgery last week.  Marcy is now about 12 oz. and Marty might be 10 oz. but are eating well.
I need to find a home for them, I want them to stay together and be indoor cats.  I promised them that I would be sure the rest of their lives would be good, and I intend to keep my promise. I will pay for all vetting, I just want to find a perfect home for them.  The remaining eyes have limited vision.   please contact:


  • Breed: Beagle
  • Sex: NEUTERED Male
  • Age: Senior (7 Years)
  • Size: Medium
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • ID: A024826
  • Shelter Name: "Cody"
  • Vaccinated, Heartworm NEGATIVE, Neutered
PLEASE CONTACT COWETA COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROLTO ADOPT THIS PET: 770-254-3735. The address is 91 Selt Road, Newnan, GA. "Cody" is pretty darn perfect!!! He is laid back, easy going, willing to please, already neutered, humble, heartworm NEGATIVE, quiet in his kennel and is already NEUTERED. What is there not to love about this wonderful fella! "Cody" is approximately 7 years old and certainly out of that active puppy stage. He is older and much more laid back....the perfect snuggle companion! This dear soul was someone's pet who somehow ended up at animal control. His family has yet to come and reclaim him and take him home. When we were recently at the shelter checking on everyone, we noticed that "Cody" was all snuggled up on a tiny towel. We asked if there was a cuddle bed available for "Cody". The shelter staff found a donated bed and "Cody" couldn't wait for that bed to be put down so he could crawl in, cuddle up and take a snooze. It was precious! Sadly, "Cody" is out of time and desperately need a safe and loving home or a receiving rescue ASAP. "Cody's" days are numbered...the clock is ticking and the DEADline is near. This sweet soul desperately needs a safe and loving home or a receiving rescue ASAP! Please hurry! This pet has been at the shelter since 05/10/13!! NOTE: CCAC CANNOT ADOPT ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE. ADOPTIONS MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bella a 9 year old female cocker spaniel needs new home! Richwood KY

Bella is a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel being rehomed by her family because they have 18 month old twins. She is fully vetted, housebroken, good with other dogs, riding in the car. Because she is allergic to chicken she is fed Iams sensitive fish dog food, and needs her ears flushed a couple times a week. On trifexis and is regularly groomed.
Please contact Tammi at if you can help Bella.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Newnan GA JEB Senior Shepherd mix urgent!

  • Breed:     Shepherd Mix 
  • Sex:         NEUTERED Male
  • Age:         Senior  (9 Years)
  • Size:         Medium
  • Weight:    
  • ID:           A024691
  • Shelter Name:  "Jeb"
  • Vaccinated, Neutered, Heartworm NEGATIVE
PLEASE CONTACT COWETA COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL TO ADOPT THIS PET: 770-254-3735.  The address is 91 Selt Road, Newnan, GA.   Oh how LOVEABLE this wonderful fella truly is!  "Jeb" has the most loving and gentle soul.  He is very calm, laid back, loving, well-mannered and willing to please.  This fella has obviously been someone's pet and yet he sits at animal control waiting to go home.  He is already neutered!  Poor "Jeb" is approximately 9 years old per shelter notes....he does not deserve to be sitting at the shelter.  Please do not let this treasure.....this loving and gentle soul die simply because he is homeless...through no fault of his own.   He has so much love to give and so much life left to live....please.  This sweet fella desperately needs a safe and loving home or a receiving rescue ASAP!  Please hurry!  This pet has been at the shelter since 04/30/13!!  NOTE:  CCAC CANNOT ADOPT ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE.  ADOPTIONS MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.

Newnan GA URGENT BRUTUS SENIOR terrier mix

  • Breed:     Terrier Mix 
  • Sex:         NEUTERED MALE
  • Age:         Senior  (8 Years)
  • Size:         Medium
  • Weight:    52 lbs
  • ID:           A024785
  • Shelter Name:  "Brutus"
  • Vaccinated, Heartworm NEGATIVE, Neutered
PLEASE CONTACT COWETA COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL TO ADOPT THIS PET: 770-254-3735.  The address is 91 Selt Road, Newnan, GA.   You could look forever and a day and NEVER find a sweet nor more humble fella than "Brutus".  This sweet soul is soooo easy going and laid back and never makes a peep in his kennel.  In fact, he is usually lying on the outside of his run basking in the sun.  "Brutus" is in his golden years at approximately 8 years old (according to shelter notes).  He has a lot of life left to live.  He is already neutered, heartworm NEGATIVE and even knows basic commands such as "sit".  He does have some growths on his back legs and chest which would need to be seen.  Please....don't let this stop you from opening your heart and home to this wonderful and well-deserving fella.  He is truly WONDERFUL and deserves a second chance at life and love....not sitting in a shelter waiting until his time is up.  He doesn't deserve to be euthanized simply because he is homeless. This sweet soul desperately needs a safe and loving home or a receiving rescue ASAP!  Please hurry!  This pet has been at the shelter since 05/09/13!!  NOTE:  CCAC CANNOT ADOPT ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE.  ADOPTIONS MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.

Two senior dogs in RADFORD VA need rescue now family moving NOT taking them!


 Such a handsome & cuddly boy. My name’s Rascal. I’m an Australian Shepherd mix. In July, I’ll be 8 years old. My exact age is known because I’ve been with my family since I was 8 weeks old. Now, they’re moving & leaving me behind. Hard to imagine, but some people don’t understand dogs are forever friends. I’ve been a very good boy & am waiting for a new family to shower with love. I’m smart & friendly & lots of fun. I’ve always lived with a female dog friend. My best friend Hallie is soon to be homeless, too. I’m good with other dogs, cats & children. I weigh 45-50 lbs., am neutered, current on vaccines & heartworm/Lyme tested. I can pack my bags quickly & be yours. Hope you will contact my friends right away for an adoption application. Or, complete an application at I don’t have much time before I’m without a home.
I’m giving you my most imploring look because I’m very eager for a person to love. Can you see how sweet I am? My name’s Hallie. I’m a very cute 11 year old, 28 lb. Beagle mix girl. After a lifetime with my family, I’m being left behind because they’re moving. I’ve been a loyal & devoted friend & don’t understand this. There’s nothing like charm & gentleness of a senior. Hope you agree. I’m healthy, spayed, current on shots & heartworm/Lyme tested. I’ve always lived with another dog, my friend Rascal, also soon to be homeless.  I’m good with dogs, cats & children. To make me your new best friend, please complete an adoption application Or, contact CONTACT
 These doggies are waiting for you to open your heart and HOME to them…

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breeland, a Senior Chow Chow in Lewispot KY needs rescue!!!

Breeland is a 12 year old Chow that was dumped at the shelter by his owner. I am struggling to find a way out of the shelter for him.
Breeland has been checked out by our vet and he says that Breeland is in good shape for being and old man and he has life left in his years which you can clearly see by the attached pictures. With all this in account I am trying to find him a retirement home. The shelter in Lewisport ky is small (15 runs) and ran mostly by volunteers like myself. If there is any way that you can help me help Breeland PLEASE let me know.
Jennifer Payne
HCAS Volunteer

Sunday, June 2, 2013

W Salem Ohio, mostly white senior male beagle needs home! looks like sweet beagle too!

The woman who found Nate sent this update:
What I have learned about Nate is that he's a very friendly boy. He loves to be around people . I am trying to get him used to being inside my home. He does well and doesn't do "his business" in the house. He loves car rides. Does well at vets office, no growling or snapping. He has buck shot in him, found that out from x-rays. It doesn't effect him in any way though . He loves treats lol. Always has a big tail wag whenever someone comes around. When I'm working in the yard he 'follows' me around. Takes him a little longer but I wait for him. He does NOT like garden hoses though, for this I do not know the reason. If he sees it he can move pretty quick. Lol. He doesn't seem to mind cats, have a few outside ones and he doesn't bother them. He found out he loves the big dog bed I gave him, stays on it quit a bit. Going to try the bath thing this weekend and see how he does,lol. He's just a really friendly ole boy who just wants to be loved. He will catch your heart real quick because I know he has caught mine :) Hope you can help me find a responsible home for this sweet boy.  If you are interested
in helping this beagle boy,
please contact:
Barb McGrady

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Senior Yellow Lab needs new home or rescue owner no longer able to care for him - Locationis York PA

From: Kimberly Thompson>

My father has a 10-11 year old male lab mix that he needs to surrender due to my father's age and health leaving him unable to care for Tiger any longer.

Tiger is a big boy and is in need of medical attention.  He is very sweet but needs a home where he can get a lot of attention and love.  

Please contact me and let me know what we need to do to surrender him to you if it's possible.  We are trying to avoid the SPCA.  We have tried numerous ways to find him a good home, but have been unsuccessful.  Please help, even if you just have suggestions of what we need to do.

Thank you,

Kimberly Thompson