Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tarbor, NC - 86 year old owner in hospital - need to place his beloved senior dog rex

I need help from you guys. If you could please, please cross post this dog for me. His name is Rex and he needs a rescue as soon as possible. His owner, who he's been with his entire life, is 86 years old and has had to go into round the clock care after a fall. They do not expect him to recover and be able to ever care for Rex again. Rex has been a mainly outside dog, but started coming in for the last several months as George could not go outside with him as much. Rex has been neutered since he was young and he had always stayed current on shots.

He is a little shy upon first meeting him, as he's been so close with one owner his entire life. He warms up rather quickly though and after a few treats he'll be your bud. He's been an excellent guard dog and companion for George for many years.

His best friend was a tiny Chihuahua who had to be rehomed a few months ago. He is a chow mix possibly, as his fur is pretty and thick. He is 9 years old and I can get his vet records if needed. Thank you so much... And please cross post far and wide. We need help ASAP.
If anyone can rescue him, please call me (Kristin) at 252-315-4816 or email me at
Thank you so much. If I've ever needed help, it's now!