Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nashville NC two senior beagles need out now gassing shelter

$50 sponsorship for each beagle to reputable rescue from senior pets nyc

Nash County Animal Control Shelter - call the shelter time is critical!
Scamp  CRITICAL Available 5/14 Tues 3pm
Senior Male Beagle mix ~ est. 10 yr, 20#, 13”to the shoulder ~ 
 NCAF Photographer Report 5/9: Scamp was brought in with Velma who was injured. Scamp was trying to take care of Velma. He kept licking her wounds and would not leave her side. After we took Velma to the vet, Scamp was lost and confused. He is a sweetie! ~Kat
 NCAF Photographer Report 5/10: Scamp is a very laid back hound. He just loved to be outside. I'm not sure his ears were working yesterday but, his nose sure was working. I had some treats to help with the photo shoot and he snatched the bag from the chair and dug into the bag. I think he especially liked the treats because they were soft. Scamp has no teeth from his canines back. So, soft treats are right up his alley. 
► NOTES: Stray ~ No obvious aggression shown to other dogs in the kennels nor undue interest in the cats.