Friday, May 31, 2013

Great Cartoon !!!

Adrian Raeside was kind enough to give me permission to publish his cartoon on my senior pets blog.
You will see why as soon as you read it!
This simple depiction.....says it all!!!
Joan Antelman
Senior Pets NYC

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hazard, KY - adorable little Delta beagle girl needs rescue now! 75.00 sponsor money!!

Just look at this adorable!!!!!!!!!! Senior Pets NYC is offering 75.00 sponsorship monies to
reputable rescue for DELTA.  She is 8 years old and 25 lbs.  The shelter has informed me
that she is sweet, friendly and good all around.   she is not spayed.
KRRAS is located in Hazard KY with intake from Perry, Breathitt, Knott
and Letcher County in Eastern Ky
Contact Info
Phone(606) 439-4064


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adopt Jackson, very sweet former deli cat needs home! NYC lcoation

Watch my youtube video!

This sweet boy needs a home.  He is a former deli cat and he is now living temporarily at a vet's office until
he is adopted.  He will be tested with other cats this week.  He is NOT a senior, is about 4 years old.  He
jumped on my lap 3 times, affectionate sweet guy!  please email if you are
interested in meeting and adopting him!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue to have Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and puppy mill breeder dogs!

Please take a few minutes to watch this great video and help support the future endeavor with a donation.
Delaware Valley Golden Retriever rescue has for years supported senior dogs and has taken in so many with many more always coming in.  They also rescue the puppy mill breeder dogs, many of whom are
older and have had really sad lives.  A Sanctuary on the adjacent property for senior goldens and
puppy mill breeder dogs will definitely save more lives and we all know that seniors have SUCH a
hard time getting homes that this would be a place for them to live out their lives if they are
not adopted.  One of my favorite rescue groups, any donation will help them purchase the property
and move forward to helping even more seniors.  Please visit their site at

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yonkers NY Gretchen Senior Female Shepherd needs home!

Gretchen has had many, many inquiries, but everyone has another dog or cat...Gretchen has to be the only dog...She can be appropriate on leash with another dog, but she would like to live in a home where she was the only pet. She wants to play ball with you. she doesn't want to share...And can she play ball. She never gets tired and if you do not throw it back she will stare you down until you do !!!! Shepherds do not do well in boarding or caged Gretchen is no exception she grows sadder and more frustrated each day. There must be someone to help her. for more info contact: or 201-981-3215

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fayette SPCA Uniontown PA - 3 senior labrador mixes at shelter in need


(724) 438-3121


Monday, May 20, 2013

Pittsburgh PA - Senior 18 lb female beagle needs forever home! Meet Lady!

Lady is available for adoption through Pet Match.  Please contact Amy with any questions.  724-777-4662 or

I am a classy older girl around 13 years old and weigh 18 pounds.  My name says it all.  I am a true lady with a big heart.  I need to find my special person to love me for the rest of my golden years.  I am in good health and not on any medications.

Everyone who meets me says I am The Sweetest Dog Ever!

*     I just love to cuddle and get my belly rubbed.
*     I rarely bark, but when I do, it is a sweet little howl.
*     I am completely house-trained!
*     I am great with all dogs and cats.
*     Going for a walk is the Best Thing Ever!  I am great on a leash and walk
      briskly.  I am very active, so I love getting walks a few times a day.
*     I LOVE having a fenced-in yard to run around in.  Once you see me play in  
      the yard, you will not believe that I am a senior.
*     Dog parks are so much fun for me, too.  I keep up very well with the young
*     I do not need a crate at all.  I will just sleep on the couch when you are not
      home.  I am a  Good Girl all day.

I will not be a bother to anyone who decides to give me a home.  I will be well- behaved and easy-going.  Please consider opening your heart and home to me.  I promise I will not disappoint you.

Hallie and rascal need placement now radford VA two senior dogs

May 19
5:00PM EST
Not much time to find homes & heaven knows what will happen to Rascal & Hallie. 
Please post Hallie & Rascal on your FB page, Twitter, etc. A miracle is needed 
to prevent them from being dumped at a shelter because their family is moving. 
NEW  husband doesn't want the dogs.
*People are Truly Heartless*
 Such a handsome & cuddly boy. My name's Rascal. I'm an Australian Shepherd mix. 
In July, I'll be 8 years old. My exact age is known because I've been with my 
family since I was 8 weeks old. Now, they're moving & leaving me behind. Hard to 
imagine, but some people don't understand dogs are forever friends. I've been a 
very good boy & am waiting for a new family to shower with love. I'm smart & 
friendly & lots of fun. I've always lived with a female dog friend. My best 
friend Hallie is soon to be homeless, too. I'm good with other dogs, cats & 
children. I weigh 45-50 lbs., am neutered, current on vaccines & heartworm/Lyme 
tested. I can pack my bags quickly & be yours. Hope you will contact my friends 
at right away for an adoption application. Or, complete an 
application at I don't have much time before I'm 
without a home.
I'm giving you my most imploring look because I'm very eager for a person to 
love. Can you see how sweet I am? My name's Hallie. I'm a very cute 11 year old, 
28 lb. Beagle mix girl. After a lifetime with my family, I'm being left behind 
because they're moving. I've been a loyal & devoted friend & don't understand 
this. There's nothing like charm & gentleness of a senior. Hope you agree. I'm 
healthy, spayed, current on shots & heartworm/Lyme tested. I've always lived 
with another dog, my friend Rascal, also soon to be homeless.  I'm good with 
dogs, cats & children. To make me your new best friend, please complete an 
adoption application at Or, contact I'm 
waiting for you to open your heart to me.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hickory NC 14 year old border collie mix needs rescue by MONDAY MAy 21

ROXY  must be out MON 5/21... contact:  email:  

LINDA  1-828-461-7700 

 Please!!! cross post to the MOON!

A165620 - SPAYED FEMALE , WHITE/BLACK BORDER COLLIE X/LABRADOR RETR, 14Y –Owner surrendered because they are moving. Very sweet. Good with other dogs and kids. Weighs about 35 lbs. This dog is located in the Catawba Shelter, Hickory, NC area. 

She will NOT be allowed back inside--she is outside, in a crate, under a tent due to the semi-annual cleaning that the shelter does to cut down on disease. 

Does she deserve to have it end this way? I'd love to help her owners out of town--might not be in the fashion they had planned, though. How can they live with themselves and do this to her? 
Somebody should send their names on to wherever they are moving as a DNA!!!

Please cross post and help Roxy find a family who will commit to her til the end. Linda email:

hamilton IL 12 year old louie locked in crate in woods for days...needs foster rescue or home now

Hamilton, IL: I got a call from a women who said a girl she knew was keeping this poor dog in a crate in the woods.  Apparently, his original owner was going to put him down because he is 12 yrs old and was having accidents in the house.  So they gave Louie to this girl whose parents wouldn't let her have him so she decided to keep him in a crate in the woods where he stayed almost 5 days before another women heard about it and stepped in.  She had the girl call me and ask if I could please take him she knew keeping him like that wasn't right.  sigh….so goes the story of poor Louie.  I have him now, gave him a haircut, removed at least 50 ticks from him and he got a nice soaking warm bath.  Poor guy!  We had storms off and on all week long and there he sat locked in a crate outside in the middle of nowhere with no one around.  Heartbreaking!! He is thin but otherwise appears to be in ok health.  He desperately needs a loving family to see him gently thru the end of his days.  If you can help sponsor/adopt/rescue, please contact (Louie, 12 yr old male neutered lhasa apso)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nashville NC two senior beagles need out now gassing shelter

$50 sponsorship for each beagle to reputable rescue from senior pets nyc

Nash County Animal Control Shelter - call the shelter time is critical!
Scamp  CRITICAL Available 5/14 Tues 3pm
Senior Male Beagle mix ~ est. 10 yr, 20#, 13”to the shoulder ~ 
 NCAF Photographer Report 5/9: Scamp was brought in with Velma who was injured. Scamp was trying to take care of Velma. He kept licking her wounds and would not leave her side. After we took Velma to the vet, Scamp was lost and confused. He is a sweetie! ~Kat
 NCAF Photographer Report 5/10: Scamp is a very laid back hound. He just loved to be outside. I'm not sure his ears were working yesterday but, his nose sure was working. I had some treats to help with the photo shoot and he snatched the bag from the chair and dug into the bag. I think he especially liked the treats because they were soft. Scamp has no teeth from his canines back. So, soft treats are right up his alley. 
► NOTES: Stray ~ No obvious aggression shown to other dogs in the kennels nor undue interest in the cats.

Tarbor, NC - 86 year old owner in hospital - need to place his beloved senior dog rex

I need help from you guys. If you could please, please cross post this dog for me. His name is Rex and he needs a rescue as soon as possible. His owner, who he's been with his entire life, is 86 years old and has had to go into round the clock care after a fall. They do not expect him to recover and be able to ever care for Rex again. Rex has been a mainly outside dog, but started coming in for the last several months as George could not go outside with him as much. Rex has been neutered since he was young and he had always stayed current on shots.

He is a little shy upon first meeting him, as he's been so close with one owner his entire life. He warms up rather quickly though and after a few treats he'll be your bud. He's been an excellent guard dog and companion for George for many years.

His best friend was a tiny Chihuahua who had to be rehomed a few months ago. He is a chow mix possibly, as his fur is pretty and thick. He is 9 years old and I can get his vet records if needed. Thank you so much... And please cross post far and wide. We need help ASAP.
If anyone can rescue him, please call me (Kristin) at 252-315-4816 or email me at
Thank you so much. If I've ever needed help, it's now!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Maryanne is a 10 year old dog that was found wandering the streets. She came to the shelter in Nov. of 2012. She is fine around other dogs and cats as long as they do not get up in her face. She had a softball size tumor removed from her belly and spent a month with a cone over head. She has a back leg that will get sore after running around for awhile. She also has a lot of fight and life left. She has a lot of love to give. She loves to roll around on her back in the grass.Now let's talk about what she does not have: Maryanne does not have a home or family.

Phone (304) 387-4102

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Two senior dogs at long island shelter need homes or rescue - Hemstead NY

Senior dogs at Hempstead Shelter!

Rose#9576Sweet senior Cocker Spaniel, came in heavily matted (we have since groomed her), bilateral cataracts (severe in right eye), stressed girl looking spend golden years in a rescue/foster home (NOT A SHELTER!) small soft mass on left side, severe dental disease/gingavitis, heart murmur 2/6. Let Rose know what life is like out of a shelter, she was clearly dumped because of her age and medical condition, don't let her think this is how all humans are!

Pepper#9740: SENIOR Terrier/Shepherd mix. Owner surrender (family is homeless) Pepper is 14yrs old, house-broken, and a sweeet love!
Pepper has bilateral cataracts, geriatric slow, severe dental disease. Female/Spayed!
Pepper deserves to spend her days with you, not in the shelter!! You can meet Pepper at the shelter, she is living in the front office

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Female Akita needs home or rescue age 7 Chesepeake VA

Samantha Jane is a lovely, well mannered, housebroken young lady who is losing her home after six years! Samantha is seven years old. She does well with other dogs and children (has lived with other big dogs and kids 7 years and older). She's spayed, fully vetted and up to date on all her vaccines.  She has a great temperament--very sweet & gentle--and makes a wonderful companion!  Please call  757-646-3822 if you can help her!

W. Palm Beach FL Grandpa needs home or foster - Senior wirehaired pointer/wolfhound mix

GrandPa - a 10/yo German Wirehair Pointer/Wolfhound mix is 66lbs of love! 
Rescued from the W. Palm Beach, FL shelter on 4/10 - he was dumped by his owner, neglected, thin & in terrible shape. 
Many wonderful people have been pulling for GrandPa and helped to offset his medical & care expenses, however he's still being boarded at our vet's in W. Palm Beach and our fund for him is getting slim.
GrandPa desperately needs a foster (or, Forever) home. He's been kenneled since April 10, but is in amazingly good spirits thanks to some very special rescue angels who visit him, walk him & just take a few minutes to play with and hug him every day.


Please call Andrea at (954) 465-0699 or email to 
If you cannot foster or offer a Forever Home, please crosspost this message.

If you wish to help us with 'The GrandPa Care Fund', please email Andrea Shaw at  for info on how to donate directly to his fund. Every penny donated goes to his care, meds, food, etc...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hamilton, IL two senior bonded dogs..owner has cancer....beagle and poodle need rescue or home

Hamilton, IL: HOW VERY SAD!!   They are both ten years old and been spayed and all shots up to date.  They have always been together and in house.  The owner has breast cancer so is having to surrender them.  Theey love kids and other dogs and cats no problem at all.  If you can help, please contact  Upper midwest transport availble for them.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adopt Frances, adorable 9 year old 20 lb female beagle Brooklyn NY

Meet Frances.  This sweet little 20 pound beagle girl needs a home!  She was used as a hunting
dog (see pic 4) and dumped when she was no longer needed to hunt or breed.  She is 9 years
old but she has energy on her walks.  She is good with dogs and cat test and passed the cat test.
This little girl is quiet and would make a good apartment dog.  She is with Sean Casey Animal Rescue and
you can visit their site at for adoption information or email  Frances is waiting to meet you!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Raleigh NC - lovely senior black lab needs rescue!!!

This is Blackie the sweet senior black lab found wandering around Highcroft neighborhood.His owner doesn't want him anymore and plans to leave him behind when she moves.

He is a sweet older gent with hip problems, no fleas and pretty good teeth for his age. He let me check over him and his mouth. He loves kids and is very gentle. He has been left to sleep outside for years and at his age would really love a home where he had someone to love him. The old boy has got a couple of good years left.
The police did not take him away. He will be destroyed at animal control because of his age and his owner can't be bothered to take care of a dog anymore. Lab Rescue can't take him, they have their hands full trying to find homes for younger dogs. Senior dogs are almost impossible to place.
If anyone knows someone who can foster him or take him in please email Heidi at This is in the Raleigh, NC area