Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Opie needs a home, really sweet little male beagle - Pittsburgh PA

Julie - beaglehq@msn.com
Michelle - Millersville97@yahoo.com or 412-817-4326

I had the pleasure and honor of being Opie's foster mom for two weeks, and he was such a joy!

Below is his "real" foster mom's thoughts on the little guy:

Opie is a very good dog. He plays well with my very small dog, and he is gentle with my petite cat. He loves walks. He likes to bark a bit (beagles do bark), but the "startle can" seems to be working!  He has no aggression to speak of at all. He is a relaxed guy he loves to lay around and sleep. He doesn't play with toys, as he'd rather have a furry buddy to play with. He is affectionate.

He is allergic to food and treats with grain. There are so many grain-free options out there available at many places like supermarkets, Burton's, Petco, and Petsmart. Cost-wise, they aren't much more expensive than the standard kind, especially with specials and coupons. This should not deter anyone from considering Opie.

He has some exposed skin from the allergies from eating the wrong kind of food, so hopefully the hair will grow back in those areas. Opie was covered in non-cancerous growths, and his tail and several of the growths needed to be removed from around his body. The stitches for those areas recently were removed, and, again, I hope his fur will find its way back.

He has a sweet temperament. We don't have children, but I can't see his having trouble with kids either. He met the kids across the street the other day, and he had an easygoing disposition with them. He is a wonderful dog.