Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Foster Home Needed for Katy, 15 year old labrador nashville TN

BLIND and mostly DEAF, Our 105 YEAR OLD GAL (est 15 years old) needs a soft spot to
reside for the rest of her time on this earth. All of Katy’s family died last October and found
herself living outside, tied with a chain. Proverbs 12:10 took her in. She is a good guest.
She LOVES her peanut butter more than anything. We would like her to be in a home who
would understand that she needs a little extra TLC, as we all do in our later years.
She doesn’t ride well in the car, due to her balance. She loves to sleep in the sun.
She take a few 5-10 minute walks a day but tires quickly. She would do great in a home
who has another pet whom she could buddy with. But not a necessity. She would do great
in a home with a fenced in back yard, but walks well on the leash too. She gets a little
disoriented from time to time and will bark at intervals.
Can Katy find comfort with you and your family? Please contact Shari or Kelley OR