Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Knox needs a new home - great senior jindo/shiba innu mix - location NYC!

Knox is an 11 year oldl male jindo mix in need of a new home.
The owner's have a young daughter that he nipped.  He is housetrained, up to date on shots and basically a well behaved dog but he does not like small children so the owner's need to rehome him.  Knox would make a great companion for an adult home and he does get along with some dogs.  if you are intersted in Knox, please email joansdogs@aol.com for an application. He seems fine around teens.  He does have some allergies that are treated with medication.
Knox is located in Manhattan.  He really likes his baths!  He just needs a new home with someone he can hang out with and
be a best buddy!

Opie needs a home, really sweet little male beagle - Pittsburgh PA

Julie - beaglehq@msn.com
Michelle - Millersville97@yahoo.com or 412-817-4326

I had the pleasure and honor of being Opie's foster mom for two weeks, and he was such a joy!

Below is his "real" foster mom's thoughts on the little guy:

Opie is a very good dog. He plays well with my very small dog, and he is gentle with my petite cat. He loves walks. He likes to bark a bit (beagles do bark), but the "startle can" seems to be working!  He has no aggression to speak of at all. He is a relaxed guy he loves to lay around and sleep. He doesn't play with toys, as he'd rather have a furry buddy to play with. He is affectionate.

He is allergic to food and treats with grain. There are so many grain-free options out there available at many places like supermarkets, Burton's, Petco, and Petsmart. Cost-wise, they aren't much more expensive than the standard kind, especially with specials and coupons. This should not deter anyone from considering Opie.

He has some exposed skin from the allergies from eating the wrong kind of food, so hopefully the hair will grow back in those areas. Opie was covered in non-cancerous growths, and his tail and several of the growths needed to be removed from around his body. The stitches for those areas recently were removed, and, again, I hope his fur will find its way back.

He has a sweet temperament. We don't have children, but I can't see his having trouble with kids either. He met the kids across the street the other day, and he had an easygoing disposition with them. He is a wonderful dog.

Friday, April 26, 2013

PAWS NY ANNUAL EVENT! Monday May 20th at 6:30 PM


Scheduled to be euthanized on Tues. April. 30th at the Morgan County
Animal control in Jacksonville IL. Call 217-245-4015 OR
after hours Flo, The Dog PEN Rescue 217-589-4269
 Soource: Facebook
Jeannie Harshbarger Talked to the shelter about this girl. She is either blind or mostly so. May also be deaf. She moves slowly. Probably weighs 20 pounds max. Does fine with dogs, as they were full and had to put a dog in with her. They don't think that cats would be an issue, but the cats they have are up higher in cages and she probably couldn't see them.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Russellville KY adorable older female beagle Promise needs rescue!!!

Heartworm test will be paid for by senior pets nyc.!
Promise is a sweet female beagle at least 6 years old.   She is pretty quiet.  She is more lively outside but as you ocan 
see she is depressed in her kennel.   She does great with dogs. She is approximately 20 pounds.  
Lovely beagle girl who needs a chance at a new home!  If you can rescue Promise, contact:::

Logan County Humane Society
Logan County Humane Society
1230 Morgantown Road (Street)
P.O. Box 1001 (Mailing)
Russellville KY 42276
270.726.2186 Shelter
270.893.3432 After hours

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Announcing a June Workshop - The Therapeutic Benefits of Adopting a Pet

Given through the Center for Human Development, Senior Pets NYC publisher and rescue founder Joan Antelman will be conducting a workshop on June 9th - The Therapeutic Benefits of Adopting A Pet.  This informative 90 minute workshop will discuss why adoption should be the only option, pet therapy, can my pet do this, and what is the emotional meaning of having a pet, among other topics.  If you would like to attend please email joansdogs@aol.com for the full information and registration form.  thanks!

Mingo County West VA female rottie needs rescue or home

contact:   kelly25608@hotmail.com 
 Rottweiler, 7 yrs. old, vaccinated, very neglected, has to stay in laundry room all the time, has been around children and cats, has not been socialized with other dogs, parents divorcing and don't want her.  Very sad, not a good life!!  Thanks !  if you can take her or help rescue please
contact  kelly25608@hotmail.com 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Foster Home Needed for Katy, 15 year old labrador nashville TN

BLIND and mostly DEAF, Our 105 YEAR OLD GAL (est 15 years old) needs a soft spot to
reside for the rest of her time on this earth. All of Katy’s family died last October and found
herself living outside, tied with a chain. Proverbs 12:10 took her in. She is a good guest.
She LOVES her peanut butter more than anything. We would like her to be in a home who
would understand that she needs a little extra TLC, as we all do in our later years.
She doesn’t ride well in the car, due to her balance. She loves to sleep in the sun.
She take a few 5-10 minute walks a day but tires quickly. She would do great in a home
who has another pet whom she could buddy with. But not a necessity. She would do great
in a home with a fenced in back yard, but walks well on the leash too. She gets a little
disoriented from time to time and will bark at intervals.
Can Katy find comfort with you and your family? Please contact Shari or Kelley
shari76@comcast.net OR kelleyschmittrice@hotmail.com

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HARDINSBURG KY - sponsored - Ace Male chow age 8 and 36 pounds needs rescue or home!

Carlisle PA, Senior Beagle Aukumm age 10 needs rescue or home now

Meet Aukumm.  He needs a rescue or a new home. His family no longer wants to keep him after
10 years.  He came from Germany and is well trained, knows commands, up to date on shots, good
with other animals. Neutered. Excellent with kids! No food issues or other issues with toys. He likes
chewing on bones. Good with cats too!!  If you can rescue OR adopt this great beagle please contact
Robin at Furry Friends Network at FURRYFRIENDSNETWORK@GMAIL.COM.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Raleigh Co. Humane Soc - Beckly WVA - Bonnie a senior bagle needs a home!!

Contact - 304 253-8921

**Transport assistance available**
Senior dogs make the best dogs!!
Sweet Bonnie is still waiting on her forever home. She is estimated at 10 years old. She is great with dogs, cats and kids. She is currently in a foster home and seems to be house trained. All she wants is a soft bed and a pat on the head!
Please consider adopting a senior today! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dolly purebred 8 year old female english setter who is deaf needs a home - Oklahoma

Contact:Susan L Dunlap sdunlap@gvtc.com
Dolly is a really sweet 8 year old deaf english setter.  She is lovely and in need of a new loving home.  Dolly loves to be outside in the yard but also enjoys napping and relaxing inside. She doesn't mind other dogs and doesn't pay attention to cats. She mostly keeps to herself but likes to sit close by for the occasional head scratch. She is her foster mom's little shadow. She watches and follows her people everywhere. Dolly would do well in a relaxed home that can continue to work with her on hand signals. She would love a place to spend her senior years being doted on and spoiled. Visit her page here to see her video and
more pics and info! http://www.swesr.org/Available_Dogs/Dolly.html