Sunday, March 3, 2013

UPDATE RESCUED!!! Two senior dogs dumped in kill shelter by owners - Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter East Bank Louisiana

efferson Parish Animal Shelter East Bank – 504-736-6111
Kennel #E0-027-04
“Itty Bitty”  Female Senior Gray/White Terrier Mix

Kennel #E0-02-27-03
“Winnie” Female, Senior Terrier Mix

Two sweet senior female terrier mixes have been surrendered to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, as their past home indicated that “can’t care for any longer”.  Both girls having some hearing impairment.  It is with tremendous sadness, that I send this email, as I know it is highly unlikely they will ever leave the shelter.   However, I send this with hope that there is a sanctuary, rescue group or someone that would care for them the last years of their lives and make them comfortable.   This represents what our society would do with their ailing elderly if they could get away with it.   I believe it would have been more compassionate and humane to euthanize versus letting them spend their last days in an animal shelter.  Please share.   Contact for more information