Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Josie needs a home sweet older dog!!! Cary NC

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING JOSIE please email: Alesja at wcacfriends@gmail.com

Josie is a happy and loving older dog that went through a lot in her life. Josie is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and rescue that was adopted by an older couple ...who she spent 7 years with. Sadly Josie found herself at the shelter after her elderly owners were no longer able to care for her or themselves.
Josie was rescued by her vet office where she has been fully vetted. This sweet dog is completely healthy and ready for her forever home where she can enjoy her golden years. Josie loves people and her tail is constantly wagging. Josie loves attention and to be cuddled. If you allow her, she would get on your lap and enjoy the cuddles. She loves walks and would make someone a great walking/hiking partner. She may be a senior but this sweet girl has some energy that will surprise you. She will play with you and goof around for as long as you wish. Josie also enjoys her quiet time and would snooze right next to you or watch TV.
Josie is HOUSEBROKEN and walks great on leash. She has been an ‘only dog’ in her home for the past 7 years, so would probably be happier as a human companion. We are not certain how she is around cats. Josie is great with kids of all ages and is obedient and respectful.