Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Isle of Wight VA Very Special Senior Fox hound Clyde needs rescue now

Contact: hyles@charter.net

I am a volunteer at Isle of Wight Animal Shelter, in Isle of Wight, VA. Our facility is in a rural area, thus there is not a lot of “foot traffic” and it is a kill shelter. I   am seeking rescue for a very special senior Foxhound ?mix!
His name is Clyde. He is an intact male 9-10 years old weighing in at 66 pounds and heartworm positive. We have a sponsor for his neuter once he has rescue. Currently, we are trying to get donations to aid in defraying the cost of his HW treatment.
This sweet boy has had some serious abuse in the past. All wounds have healed. His ears have been chopped on, his lower lip is separated from gum line and his tail has been cut off. Even with his abused and troubled past life, he seems to have forgiven people. Clyde is very sweet and loving. He walks pretty well on leash. He loves being outside BUT does not like to go back into the building. He doesn’t get aggressive just stubborn. Clyde is a typical loving, easy going hound.  We all LOVE this boy!
Because of his obvious rocky life, we want nothing more than for Clyde to spend his golden years bathed with love and affection.
If you can assist Clyde, I will be very grateful. If not, can you please pass this info around to anyone who may be able to take this handsome gentleman!
Thank you very much for taking time to read this and for any consideration you can give to sweet Clyde.
Sandra D. Hyle