Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colby 7 year old jack russell terrier needs home - Staten Island NY

email plutorescue@aol.com
Colby is a pure bred male Jack Rusell Terrier. He will be 7 years old on April 16, 2013. We have to find a home for him because his owners are moving to England and  the UK requires a 6 month waiting period while testing for rabies. Colby has been living peacefully with Suzi, another Jack Russell.  He is healthy, active and very alert.  He loves to look out the window, take walks, bark at and chase squirrels in the backyard (even though he never catches them). He likes to play and horse around.  He drags his blanket around the house. He likes bones. He is housebroken and loves kids. He loves to eat, a mixture of Beneful dry and Alpo canned dog food.  He has an excellent appetite and should never be left alone with food in his reach because he will help himself.  He is very social and always wants to be with visitors in the house.  He greets guests at the door and will jump on their laps if allowed once they sit down.  He always sleeps through the night without disturbance. He does not like cats. Colby does have one claim to fame. Last year at Citi Field's "Bark in the Park" game he pooped on-leash in center field in front of 35,000 NY Mets fans!! He was very nonchalant!
Colby is neutered, up to date will all of his vaccinations and microchipped. There is a $280 donation. Colby can be seen @ PETCO, 2752 Veterans Rd. West, 10309 Staten Island, NY 10309 in the Target shopping center next to Home Depot--EVERY Saturday from 12:Noon-3pm.