Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cambridge OH - red alert senior blind husky needs rescue

BEYOND URGENT!!! PTS AT ANY TIME!!! “Gypsy” Senior Blind Beautiful Husky **CODE RED** PLEASE HELP!!! DUE TO COURT CASE BEEN IN A SHELTER OVER 7 MONTHS!!!Contact at the end.Gypsy is a senior, blind beautiful Husky in desperate need of finding a forever home or rescue NOW! Please help!!! We do not know how much more time she will be given at the shelter and she can be PTS at any time!!! Anyone who has ever known a blind dog will tell you that once they get acclimated you forget they are blind. Please do not let this sweet girl die afraid and alone in a shelter! She deserves better than that! If you find you are not in a position to help now, please quickly share with all your contacts.

From PF page - 

Husky: An adoptable dog in Cambridge, OH
Large • Senior • Female
Pet ID: 717 • Primary colors: Black, White or Cream • Coat length: Medium
Gypsy was part of a court case and has been at the shelter for seven months. We just got custody of her and she is ready for a real home! She is about twelve years old and weigh 65 pounds. This old girl is blind and needs a seeing-eye person to help her through life. Please let Gypsy retire in peace and quiet!!
If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application at