Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buddy gorgeous PB Senior Yellow Lab Needs new home - CT

Buddy's senior owner was evicted. Buddy found himself at a NYC shelter facing grim adoption prospects at age 10 with chronic ear infections & possible skin allergies with loss of hair. Through a Christmas miracle many people came together to save Buddy from certain euthanasia on Christmas Eve. We are very grateful to Frank Hammer, who on a moments notice sprung Buddy from the shelter.
Frank said Buddy immediately headed for his car & was obviously familiar & happy to be going for a ride.  He drove directly to one of our vets who was prepared  to assess Buddy's medical condition and board him until ready for foster care. Buddy was given a much needed bath & perked up at the office Xmas party where he was the center of attention. Update: Preliminary bloodwork is very good. Buddy is being treated for skin/ear infections as well as awaiting surgery for one large mass on his chest & another suspicious mass on his abdomen. Buddy's skin issues are believed to be nutritionally & hormonally related with an underlying thyroid issue. He will go into foster care to recuperate from his surgery & then be available for adoption. What we know about Buddy: Spectacular temperament, Mr Velcro, loves people & other dogs/cats, very well mannered gentleman.
please email labrescuect@gmail.com for adoption information.