Wednesday, March 13, 2013

9 years on chain - Droopy lab mix outside dog, needs rescue, vetting, home etc. York SC

My name is Droopy and I have been on a chain for 9 long years. I use to get walked here and there, but not for a few years. I'm a lab/ boxer/ bulldog mix and I have really SWOLLEN ears terrible aural hematoma. Because I'm older I don't think anybody will want me since I'm old, probably HW positive, have terribly swollen ears and I'm not sure if I like dogs?? Haven't really been around them.  I do like attention! I was  so excited to have some visitors and they   brought me the best toy-- I think my only toy- I have ever had! A stuffed dog!  I also got a treat see my pic below with the bacon treat hanging out of my mouth--YUM!
We are trying to figure out how to help Droopy. The owner's are separated and the woman did not take care of him she said it was her husband's dog. She has a small dog inside. Her husband has moved out and has nowhere for Droopy and quite frankly we are fearful of him finding an even worse -- hard to image ---situation! The sweet grandmother loves the dog and comes to feed him daily. Droopy lit up when he saw her, she can't afford to feed him, so Kim with Second Chance Rescue is going to deliver food to help. We would like to find a place for him, but realize that may require a MIRACLE! He has not acted aggressive around her small dog, but she does not let them interact since the size difference is so tremendous -- she said he does not growl and acts excited. Another option is to raise money to fence or put up a trolley line and continue to provide food for the grandmother to feed him. I'm not sure how to help him with his painful ears- he would need to stay inside to recover? Maybe board while recovering? I'm asking a vet about how best to handle relieving his pain-- his ears are sooooo THICK it just looks so painful. 
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