Sunday, March 31, 2013

update - rescued!!! 18 year old small collie shepherd mix needs out of shelter now - Baltimore MD

Toby is a sweet elder dog who was surrendered to BARCS yesterday.  Unfortunately, his owner passed away and Toby was not adjusting well to life in a new family with young children and another dog.  He may be in the early stages of cateracts or blindness but seems to be able to see fine at this time.  He walks well on a leash and is a gentle soul.  We are out of dog space at the shelter and Toby needs a rescue commitment immediately - he is currently living in one of the offices.  We are closed tomorrow for the holiday, but he could be picked up for rescue today or Monday.
He is approximately 18 years old (according to owner), but appears to be in great shape for his age and may be a little bit younger.  He is 36 lbs and UTD on his shots, not altered.
Please respond to this email if you're able to help Toby.
Thank you,
Juliette Crosson
BARCS Animal Shelter
301 Stockholm St Balt MD 21230

Friday, March 29, 2013

4 senior dogs in atlanta GA need rescue now!!!! high volume shelter

I am crossposting to try to save these 4 Senior Dogs from Fulton County Animal Control in Atlanta, GA. If any of you have room for any of these please contact FCAC directly. They are at full capacity right now with 235 dogs and 62 cats.
CASH (Animal ID: A448958)  Senior Male Small Tibetan Terrier mix
MILKY (Animal ID: A452583)  Senior Female Medium Pit Bull Terrier Mix
APOLLO (Animal ID: A412856)  Senior Male Medium Labrador Retriever mix

Senior  Large Female German Shepherd Dog
 Please help if you can. Pull help and transport help may be available!

Fulton County Animal Services
860 Marietta Blvd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
Telephone: 404-613-0358 
Joelle Jones, Rescue Coordinator:
Tracy Thompson, Kennel Hours of operation:
OFFICE: Monday through Friday: 8am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday: 8am - 4pm
ADOPTIONS:  Monday through Friday: 10:30am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10:30am - 4pm

Holly A. Nelson
Dallas, GA 30157
 - (678) 939-6981
Animal Rescue Crossposter

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pebbles needs a home - adorable little rat terrier - staten island ny

Pebbles is a 9-year old female Rat Terrier. She is a victim of Hurricane Sandy and is looking for a stable loving home. Pebbles is very sweet, cute and loveable--a real lap dog!  You will be her universe--she follows you around where ever you go and she loves to play, cuddle and go for walks (she is active).  She is great with children, other dogs, birds, probably even cats.  She is housebroken, and well mannered.  Pebbles is spayed, up to date with all vaccinations and microchipped. There is a $180 donation.  You will fall in love with her the instant you meet her. Come meet Pebbles at PETCO, 2752 Veterans Road West in the Charleston shopping center next to Home Depot every Saturday from 12 noon to 3 PM.

Colby 7 year old jack russell terrier needs home - Staten Island NY

Colby is a pure bred male Jack Rusell Terrier. He will be 7 years old on April 16, 2013. We have to find a home for him because his owners are moving to England and  the UK requires a 6 month waiting period while testing for rabies. Colby has been living peacefully with Suzi, another Jack Russell.  He is healthy, active and very alert.  He loves to look out the window, take walks, bark at and chase squirrels in the backyard (even though he never catches them). He likes to play and horse around.  He drags his blanket around the house. He likes bones. He is housebroken and loves kids. He loves to eat, a mixture of Beneful dry and Alpo canned dog food.  He has an excellent appetite and should never be left alone with food in his reach because he will help himself.  He is very social and always wants to be with visitors in the house.  He greets guests at the door and will jump on their laps if allowed once they sit down.  He always sleeps through the night without disturbance. He does not like cats. Colby does have one claim to fame. Last year at Citi Field's "Bark in the Park" game he pooped on-leash in center field in front of 35,000 NY Mets fans!! He was very nonchalant!
Colby is neutered, up to date will all of his vaccinations and microchipped. There is a $280 donation. Colby can be seen @ PETCO, 2752 Veterans Rd. West, 10309 Staten Island, NY 10309 in the Target shopping center next to Home Depot--EVERY Saturday from 12:Noon-3pm.

Buddy gorgeous PB Senior Yellow Lab Needs new home - CT

Buddy's senior owner was evicted. Buddy found himself at a NYC shelter facing grim adoption prospects at age 10 with chronic ear infections & possible skin allergies with loss of hair. Through a Christmas miracle many people came together to save Buddy from certain euthanasia on Christmas Eve. We are very grateful to Frank Hammer, who on a moments notice sprung Buddy from the shelter.
Frank said Buddy immediately headed for his car & was obviously familiar & happy to be going for a ride.  He drove directly to one of our vets who was prepared  to assess Buddy's medical condition and board him until ready for foster care. Buddy was given a much needed bath & perked up at the office Xmas party where he was the center of attention. Update: Preliminary bloodwork is very good. Buddy is being treated for skin/ear infections as well as awaiting surgery for one large mass on his chest & another suspicious mass on his abdomen. Buddy's skin issues are believed to be nutritionally & hormonally related with an underlying thyroid issue. He will go into foster care to recuperate from his surgery & then be available for adoption. What we know about Buddy: Spectacular temperament, Mr Velcro, loves people & other dogs/cats, very well mannered gentleman.
please email for adoption information.

PB Australian Shepherd needs rescue or home - Charlotte NC

 Lancelot is an extremely sweet, loving and loyal boy who is patiently waiting for his new family to find him.  He weighs just under 60 pounds, is fully vetted and neutered.  He is unusually friendly for an Aussie, and was an owner surrender at animal control.  Once an outside dog, Lance has adjusted well to life and love indoors.  He was rescued by a group of women who all chipped in to have his heartworm treatment done so he is fine now. "Lance" is a typical alpha and needs a savvy human --and would do best either as an only dog or with a submissive female.  He doesn't seem to like small dogs, just an fyi.  He has arthritis with a slight limp. This boy has plenty of love and life in him and just needs someone who loves the breed and wants a great companion. 
For more information please contact:  Laurie Smith or Aliceia

Josie needs a home sweet older dog!!! Cary NC


Josie is a happy and loving older dog that went through a lot in her life. Josie is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and rescue that was adopted by an older couple ...who she spent 7 years with. Sadly Josie found herself at the shelter after her elderly owners were no longer able to care for her or themselves.
Josie was rescued by her vet office where she has been fully vetted. This sweet dog is completely healthy and ready for her forever home where she can enjoy her golden years. Josie loves people and her tail is constantly wagging. Josie loves attention and to be cuddled. If you allow her, she would get on your lap and enjoy the cuddles. She loves walks and would make someone a great walking/hiking partner. She may be a senior but this sweet girl has some energy that will surprise you. She will play with you and goof around for as long as you wish. Josie also enjoys her quiet time and would snooze right next to you or watch TV.
Josie is HOUSEBROKEN and walks great on leash. She has been an ‘only dog’ in her home for the past 7 years, so would probably be happier as a human companion. We are not certain how she is around cats. Josie is great with kids of all ages and is obedient and respectful.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring 2013 (Volume 8: Issue 1)

In This Issue:
Cover Pets: Mickey, Mercedes, Agnes, Mattie
Rescue Profile: The Voorhees Animal Orphanage
Adding a Cat to Your Home
Senior Dogs and Cats for Adoption
In Memorium: Titan
Boogie's Tales
Go Fetch! By Bodie

View newsletter (PDF)...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

update - rescued!!! Statesville NC - URGENT! Elinore 8 year old 26 lb beagle needs rescue now

Pull fee and hw test will be paid for and sponsorship money available.  This dog will be out of time
friday 3-22.

Elinore (A156154) is approx. an 8 year old Beagle that was found as a stray and never claimed by an owner. Due to her age and the hair loss (which looks more like old scars) she will not go up for adoption. She is a very sweet, older and calm beagle!  Elinore had super long nails and one nail that looked like it was half way ripped out of the toe. Elinore looks like she has had a rough life and really deserves to have a 2nd chance at retirement!
Intake date: 03-07-13
Needs to be claimed and OUT of the shelter by: 03-22-13 or possibly PTS
Elinore's pull fee is $20 which includes a rabies shot, DHLPP, and a dewormer. We can do a heatrworm test on her for $25.  pull fee and hw test will be paid for.
If interested in pulling Elinore or have any questions please email Tina at

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Isle of Wight VA Very Special Senior Fox hound Clyde needs rescue now


I am a volunteer at Isle of Wight Animal Shelter, in Isle of Wight, VA. Our facility is in a rural area, thus there is not a lot of “foot traffic” and it is a kill shelter. I   am seeking rescue for a very special senior Foxhound ?mix!
His name is Clyde. He is an intact male 9-10 years old weighing in at 66 pounds and heartworm positive. We have a sponsor for his neuter once he has rescue. Currently, we are trying to get donations to aid in defraying the cost of his HW treatment.
This sweet boy has had some serious abuse in the past. All wounds have healed. His ears have been chopped on, his lower lip is separated from gum line and his tail has been cut off. Even with his abused and troubled past life, he seems to have forgiven people. Clyde is very sweet and loving. He walks pretty well on leash. He loves being outside BUT does not like to go back into the building. He doesn’t get aggressive just stubborn. Clyde is a typical loving, easy going hound.  We all LOVE this boy!
Because of his obvious rocky life, we want nothing more than for Clyde to spend his golden years bathed with love and affection.
If you can assist Clyde, I will be very grateful. If not, can you please pass this info around to anyone who may be able to take this handsome gentleman!
Thank you very much for taking time to read this and for any consideration you can give to sweet Clyde.
Sandra D. Hyle

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lovely senior yellow lab in shelter needs a home or rescue now! Blackwood NJ

This old man came into the shelter as a stray from a local town.
Quiet and laid back but would love to get out of a cold concrete cage
and be laying on a nice soft blanket in a foster home.
Approx 12 yrs old and weighs 60 lbs. He came in 3/7 so his stray hold time is up.
Shelter is crowded so he needs out now!
Please share for him so he can spend what time her has left loved and wanted?
Weeble tested positive for Lymes and is being treated.

Contact;   SHERRY if you can help rescue or adopt!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Dottie, senior and deaf, needs foster or rescue now - Jacksonville FL

***If you can help Dottie in any way, please contact June at ACPS in Jacksonville,

12 YRS
12 LBS

Dottie is in need of a special rescue , NO CATS!!! Here is a little about her and a picture attached. Please email me if you can foster her!
A little bit about Dottie:
- is completely and totally house broken
- perfect car-rider
- excellent on a leash
- loves her crate
- loves her food
- is very active!  Especially considering her age.
- She let me give her a bath so now she’s all pretty   I’m taking her to the groomer to have her nails cut.
- She comes with a crate, a bed, 2 towels, a new collar and leash.  Also, a full bag of Natural Choice Senior Small Bites and she currently has 3 cans of Natural     Choice Senior.  Trying to put a couple of pounds on her. 

Cambridge OH - red alert senior blind husky needs rescue

BEYOND URGENT!!! PTS AT ANY TIME!!! “Gypsy” Senior Blind Beautiful Husky **CODE RED** PLEASE HELP!!! DUE TO COURT CASE BEEN IN A SHELTER OVER 7 MONTHS!!!Contact at the end.Gypsy is a senior, blind beautiful Husky in desperate need of finding a forever home or rescue NOW! Please help!!! We do not know how much more time she will be given at the shelter and she can be PTS at any time!!! Anyone who has ever known a blind dog will tell you that once they get acclimated you forget they are blind. Please do not let this sweet girl die afraid and alone in a shelter! She deserves better than that! If you find you are not in a position to help now, please quickly share with all your contacts.

From PF page - 

Husky: An adoptable dog in Cambridge, OH
Large • Senior • Female
Pet ID: 717 • Primary colors: Black, White or Cream • Coat length: Medium
Gypsy was part of a court case and has been at the shelter for seven months. We just got custody of her and she is ready for a real home! She is about twelve years old and weigh 65 pounds. This old girl is blind and needs a seeing-eye person to help her through life. Please let Gypsy retire in peace and quiet!!
If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application at

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

9 years on chain - Droopy lab mix outside dog, needs rescue, vetting, home etc. York SC

My name is Droopy and I have been on a chain for 9 long years. I use to get walked here and there, but not for a few years. I'm a lab/ boxer/ bulldog mix and I have really SWOLLEN ears terrible aural hematoma. Because I'm older I don't think anybody will want me since I'm old, probably HW positive, have terribly swollen ears and I'm not sure if I like dogs?? Haven't really been around them.  I do like attention! I was  so excited to have some visitors and they   brought me the best toy-- I think my only toy- I have ever had! A stuffed dog!  I also got a treat see my pic below with the bacon treat hanging out of my mouth--YUM!
We are trying to figure out how to help Droopy. The owner's are separated and the woman did not take care of him she said it was her husband's dog. She has a small dog inside. Her husband has moved out and has nowhere for Droopy and quite frankly we are fearful of him finding an even worse -- hard to image ---situation! The sweet grandmother loves the dog and comes to feed him daily. Droopy lit up when he saw her, she can't afford to feed him, so Kim with Second Chance Rescue is going to deliver food to help. We would like to find a place for him, but realize that may require a MIRACLE! He has not acted aggressive around her small dog, but she does not let them interact since the size difference is so tremendous -- she said he does not growl and acts excited. Another option is to raise money to fence or put up a trolley line and continue to provide food for the grandmother to feed him. I'm not sure how to help him with his painful ears- he would need to stay inside to recover? Maybe board while recovering? I'm asking a vet about how best to handle relieving his pain-- his ears are sooooo THICK it just looks so painful. 
CAN YOU HELP? RESCUE, FOSTER,  ADOPT or SPONSOR ME? To sponsor please click-  
Thanks Alicia DDB REP Contact
Animal Adoption League
CRPO-- Committee for Responsible Pet Ownership

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marietta OHIO - Dink a senior german shepherd needs foster home or rescue now -

11-year old, male, German Shepherd (named Dink by previous owner)
Black-and-tan medium smooth coat, long tail, noble-looking face with a black muzzle
Surrendered by his owner on February 4, 2013
Neutered (week of February 24, 2013)
Weight: 98.5 lbs.
Kennel card number: 35467

I believe that Dink's owner had to move (could have been to an assisted-living facility) and had to give Dink up.  A younger member of the family brought him to the shelter along with a handwritten narrative with details about Dink.

Dink is a real gentleman and has a wonderful personality.  He went to a foster home on February 16th and the foster mom has been posting on facebook that he gets along well with all of the other animals in their household and there kids they also have cats too.
Foster bringing him back because they got a puppy.  SO unfair to DINK. If you can help DINK please contact
Della B. Kacmar

or email Celeste at]

Paige Needs Rescue - senior beagle hearing and vision loss very sweet girl - Ringgold, GA
Meet Paige, this senior beagle girl, 25 pounds, has hearing and vision loss but is such a sweet little girl and
she is lying on a CEMENT floor with NO BED in a shelter, she came in as a stray. She will be tested for heartworm.  Can anyone rescue her or adopt her a give her a home?  Please contact Tina at if you can adopt or rescue Paige. She really deserves to be cared for in her
senior years.!

Friday, March 8, 2013

UPDATE ADOPTED!!! 10 year old husky, owner died - needs rescue or home now - Queens NY

My neighbor who was 75 passed away this past Monday, leaving behind his 10 year old Husky named Buddy. I have called and emailed about 15 places and nobody will take him. Time is running out. If I don't find a place for Buddy, I will have to take him to a shelter on Monday. The landlord wants the dog out and I am on my last hope. His picture is below. Please can you help me??
My name is Toni Ann and I can be reached at 347-617-9921

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gorgeous older black lab dumped in shelter needs home or rescue now st. clairsville OHIO

This is POP a senior black lab whose owner died.  He is now out the pound and in need of rescue or home ASAP!!

Contact:  Belmont County Animal Rescue League


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

URGENT Owner Surrender ROCKIE - Atlanta GA

Phone(404) 613-0357
 Meet Rockie. Rockie's owner just surrendered him and did not stop crying through the entire process. He got a new job assignment and cannot take Rockie with him.... He has exhausted all other options and no one has been able to take Rockie for him. He has had Rockie for 10 years. Rockie is super sweet and good with other dogs. He seems to be a Golden Retriever/Basset Hound mix. His coat is shiny and nice and you would never be able to tell he is 10+ years old. He is house trained and accustomed to living inside a home. Anyone in the market for a sweet, laid back, older boy?

Boogie has gone to the Rainbrow Bridge

My beloved rescue cat Boogie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday May 4th.  He was adopted
at the age of 13 from Bobbi and the Strays and was a constant reminder that giving a home to a senior animal is filled with pure joy and love.  Boogie was in charge of everyone and he had a column in my
newsletter for 6 years.  I miss him with all my heart and soul and he will be bossing my
dogs and cats around for many years at Rainbow Bridge.  Joan Antelman, Senior Pets NYC

Sunday, March 3, 2013

UPDATE RESCUED!!! Two senior dogs dumped in kill shelter by owners - Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter East Bank Louisiana

efferson Parish Animal Shelter East Bank – 504-736-6111
Kennel #E0-027-04
“Itty Bitty”  Female Senior Gray/White Terrier Mix

Kennel #E0-02-27-03
“Winnie” Female, Senior Terrier Mix

Two sweet senior female terrier mixes have been surrendered to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, as their past home indicated that “can’t care for any longer”.  Both girls having some hearing impairment.  It is with tremendous sadness, that I send this email, as I know it is highly unlikely they will ever leave the shelter.   However, I send this with hope that there is a sanctuary, rescue group or someone that would care for them the last years of their lives and make them comfortable.   This represents what our society would do with their ailing elderly if they could get away with it.   I believe it would have been more compassionate and humane to euthanize versus letting them spend their last days in an animal shelter.  Please share.   Contact for more information

Sissy a 13 year old standard poodle needs home - Danbury CT

Hi my name is Ana Pereira. I live in Danbury.  email is
My sister in law gave me some news that her friend has gone into a coma. He was severely ill and slipped into it 2 days ago. He is leaving behind a 13 year old female standard black poodle. She is still living in his home, which I believe she is being taken care of by my sister in laws nursing care company, but none the less she needs a home.
I am currently fostering and cannot take her in. I am going to ask around my parts but I wanted to reach out to see if you had any information or if your organization could take her. She is very sweet, healthy and good with other dogs.  has some vision loss but other than this is a healthy dog.