Monday, February 4, 2013

URGENT! ORANGE tabby female cat age 10 needs home or rescue owner moving overseas NYC

Bella was rescued from a street two years ago. She was in a terrible state, looking abandoned, lost, and hungry. At first, I fed her and let her go, but she was back at my door two days later. It took a long time for her to become a relaxed, loving kitty again, the kitty she is now - I think she'd been through a lot while living on the streets all by herself. Bella is about 10yo - according to the vet - and is a quiet cat who loves to fall asleep by my side when I watch TV or read. She is micro-chipped (by me) and all of her vaccinations are up to date. 
Unfortunately, I will be leaving the country mid-March and I can't take Bella with me. I am simply not wealthy enough to rent an apartment at where I am going in order to keep her - and the house shares usually don't allow pets. Bella will have an intake appointment at ASPCA in about a week or two, but I am quite skeptical they will take her in. They have kindly agreed to schedule an appointment for her, but I have already been told that "her age is a reason for concern," which pretty much means that I will likely hear: "Sorry, but no" at the end.
I will have to put Bella to sleep if I don't find a new home for her in the next six weeks. I have asked at a few local shelters, but was told that she is too old and hence "un-adoptable," for them to take her in. But, she is too sweet to give up on!
Dear cat lovers - PLEASE HELP!!

Magdalena.  please email at